Pavement 1997-08-18 Bizarre Festival, Koln, GER PAL [DVD0094]

Pavement - Bizarre Festival
Koln, GER
Aug. 18, 1997

PRO shot, taped on VHS from German TV station WDR

Shady Lane
The Hexx
Date w/ IKEA
Transport is Arranged
Kennel District
Cut Your Hair
Blue Hawaiian
Grave Architecture

PAL format...I transfered it from VHS to DVD using a combo VHS-DVD writer I'm not sure about the technical specs...sorry.

good quality sound and picture.

share and enjoy!

- zhivago

Stephen Malkmus, guitar, vocals
Scott Kannberg, guitar, vocals
Bob Nastanovich, keyboards, percussion, vocals
Steve West, drums, vocals
Mark Ibold, bass