Pixies 1989-??-?? US TV appearances '89-'91 [DVD0223]

The Pixies
U.S. T.V. Appearances

01-Post Modern MTV-1989
-Spotlight on the band

02-Post Modern MTV-Guest Appearance-1989
-Band introduces videos,does a top ten.All done by "telepathy".

03-Night Music-1989
-Monkey Gone To Heaven

04-MTV News-1990

05-120 Minutes-MTV-1991
-Interview Pt.1
-Interview Pt.2
-Interview Pt.3
-Interview Pt.4
-Planet of Sound
-Black Sabbath intrumental(snippet)

06-MTV News-1991

07-Dennis Miller Show-1991
-Head On
-Bird Dream of The Olympus Mons
-Planet of Sound

08-Late Show w/ David Letterman-1991
-Trompe le Monde


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