Player Arrests Put the NFL in A Defensive Mode

Via Slate's Today's Papers column, there was recently an interesting article in the Washington Post with the same title by Mark Maske and Les Carpenter:

At least 35 NFL players have been arrested this year on charges ranging from disorderly conduct to felony burglary, a number that alarms league and players' union officials. "We can handle all the other issues, but this is the one that concerns me the most," NFL Players Association Executive Director Gene Upshaw said.


Pretty amazing what these guys seem to get themselves into. The last report that caught my eye was this one on Chicago's Tank Johnson, specifically that "authorities found a semiautomatic rifle with 19 live rounds in the master bedroom, four unloaded weapons -- two rifles and two handguns -- and 300-350 rounds of ammunition in a downstairs utility closet and a loaded .45-caliber handgun under a leather chair in the basement."

They don't call him Tank for nothing!

Gee, what would you think of all the legal guns and ammunition we have in our locked downstairs utility closet - oh my.