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Reagan on Unions and Collective Bargaining

For those who love Reagan and hate unions, this must be disturbing:

These are the values inspiring those brave workers in Poland. The values that have inspired other dissidents under communist domination.  They remind us that where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost.  They remind us that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  You and I must protect and preserve freedom here or it will not be passed on to our children.  Today the workers in Poland are showing a new generation not how high is the price of freedom, but how much it is worth that price.

I want more than anything I’ve ever wanted to have an administration that will, through its actions, at home and in the international arena, let millions of people know that Miss Liberty still “lifts her lamp beside the golden door.”

More video and full transcript of the speech here: link



It is not disturbing at all.

Not a single Republican is opposing PRIVATE unions in America. American TAXPAYERS are opposing PUBLIC EMPLOYEE UNIONS because of their extortion upon the citizenry (serfdom), their corrupt influence upon a free political process, and their complete disregard of the sanctity of the Republic. A fact you continue to purposefully ignore.

The fact that you and all your Fascist Union Komrads continue to distort the facts with propaganda lies shows your complete lack of respect and morals.

The meaning of President Reagan's speech is perfectly clear to ALL Americans - Especially Communists and Liberal Fascists such as yourself.

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