The Runes of the Earth

200px-StephenDonaldson_TheRunesOfTheEarth Last night I finished reading "The Runes of the Earth" by Stephen R. Donaldson.  From Wikipedia:

Donaldson returns to “The Land” for the third series of novels based there. We are re-introduced to Linden Avery years after she first encountered Thomas Covenant and was forever changed by the experience. We journey once more to the familiar fantasy world where everything is again under threat.

I was first introduced to Donaldson when I saw the first and second series of Thomas Covenant novels at the public library and read them in high school.  I read the two Mordant's Need books while at Lipscomb.  I remember that I read them during the beginning of one of the fall semesters and didn't do much except go to class and read those books until they were finished.  I came across the Gap series at a used book store and read them during grad school.  I think I re-read at least some of the First and Second Chronicles at some point, too.  I really enjoyed all of the above, making Donaldson one of my favorite authors, at least during those times in my life.  Several months back I came across an advanced readers copy of the second book in the Last Chronicles series (Fatal Revenant) on bookmooch.  I mooched it and then found a used copy of the first book (The Runes of the Earth) on Amazon (what's the point of having an advanced readers copy if you don't read it in advance, right?).  A few months later I finally got around to starting The Runes... and finally finished it last night.  The release date of Fatal Revenant has come and gone, so I won't be reading it early after all.

It's been a really, really long time since I read a Thomas Covenant book.  It took me about 150 pages or so of The Runes... before I really got back into it again, but then I started enjoying it again.  For my current tastes, Donaldson's books are perhaps a bit plodding and melodramatic (and fantasy/adventure isn't necessarily my genre these days), but this was an enjoyable read...and I'm starting Fatal Revenant right away.