Sebadoh 1995-05-22 Luxor, Cologne, GER PAL [DVD0119]

*A thir13en production*

Cologne, Germany

Type: DVD
Format: PAL
Aspect: Standard
Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital
Menus: Main and Chapters

CAM 1 - Sony Hi8
CAM 2 - Sony V5000

SBD>DAT (Main Audio Mix)
AUD 2 - Sony Hi8 (Front surround & slight center channel mix)
AUD 1 - Sony ECM 959 (Rear Surround Mix)

Easily the best live Sebadoh I've ever heard. The band is tight and rockin'. I'm no expert on their boots, but I seriously doubt there is anything close to as cool as this show and these sources. And yea, those who know, check that list, that's a one-two of the B-sides "Sing Something" and "Plate of Hatred" from the "Skull" EP, the former done in a much more aggresive style. When Lou sings "...curl up and die!" you really get the feeling that he almost means to do it right then.

Video-wise, if you've seen the Pavement shows from the same venue you'll get an idea; it's stage cam and back cam, both offering excellent sight lines to all the action, nothing is missed. I never saw them on this tour, but seeing this video made up for that easily. And of course, it's like you're there, from the video angles to the true 5.1 surround sound, you'd swear you could almost surf the crowd.

|02|Brand New Love
|03|Too Pure
|04|On Fire
|06|License to Confuse
|09|Sing Something
|10|Plate of Hatred
|11|S. Soup
|12|Soul & Fire
|13|Open Ended
|15|Hllbilly II
|16|Zone Doubt
|17|Social Medicine
|18|Punch In The Nose
|19|Smell A Rat
|20|No Matter Who You Are


#2 - SONY V5000>DVDR
#3 - SONY Hi8 (Unknown model)>DVDR