Shellac 1994-03-12 Garage, London [DVD0216]

Artist: Shellac
Venue: (whiskybob-weldermatt)@The Garage
Location: London, England
Date: 1994-03-12
Media: DVDR(1)
Sets: 63 mins+
Quality: A-

Source/Lineage: Audience Cam > PAL VHS (1st/2nd gen?) > LG LV880 > SONY RDR-HXD890 (XP) > DVDR > TMPGEnc3 > DVDR


Tape : Racerxxx
Transfer: Whiskybob
Authoring: Weldermatt

Audience members heads cause an obstruction throughout, but the band are clearly visable from the waist up.

Some good heckling/banter, as you'd expect. This is a lovely clean copy, most likely 1st or 2nd gen, only dropping half a grade because of the obstructions.

1. Intro
2. The Guy Who Invented Fire
3. A Minute
4. Rambler Song
5. My Black Ass
6. The Admiral
7. Song Of The Minerals
8. Billiard Player Song
9. Dog And Pony Show
10. Doris
11. Crow
12. Wingwalker Intro
13. Wingwalker
14. Il Porno Star
15. The Idea Of North (cuts)