Shellac 1994-03-24 Newport, Wales [DVD0217]

Artist: Shellac
Venue: (whiskybob-weldermatt)@T.J's
Location: Newport, Wales
Date: 1994-03-24
Media: DVDR(1)
Sets: 63 mins+
Quality: A


Source/Lineage: Audience Cam (SONY, unknown model) > PAL VHS (1st gen?) > LG LV880 > SONY RDR-HXD890 (XP) > DVDR > TMPGEnc3 > DVDR

"Who Wants This Piece of My Lip I Just Bit Off?" - Steve Albini.
"Wankers!!!" - Some wanker between practically every song.*

Tape: Racerxxx
Transfer: Whiskybob
Authoring: Weldermatt

Shot from the rear of stage left looking across Todd Trainer towards Albini. Somewhat dark,
the camera work is steady throughout, with a few closeups. The drums are slightly high in the mix,
thanks to the vantage point of the filmer, but the bass isn't as overpowering as you might expect,
and the vocals are perfectly audible despite being the wrong side of the PA.

1. A Minute
2. Rambler Song
3. The Admiral
4. The Guy Who Invented Fire
5. Song Of The Minerals
6. Billiard Player Song
7. Dog And Pony Show
8. Boche's Dick
9. Wingwalker
10. Il Porno Star
11. Doris
12. My Black Ass
13. Crow