Smith, Elliot 2002-09-02 Bumbershoot, Seattle, WA PRO NTSC [DVD0034]

Elliott Smith
Boombox Stage
Bumbershoot Festival
Seattle, WA
September 02, 2000

Lineage: 3/4" Master > VHS > DVD author (by Chrisedge)

Pro-Shot or Audience shot : Pro-shot
Stand Alone or PC : PC
NTSC or Pal : NTSC
Menus : Menu with song selection
Aspect Ratio: 4:3

intro 00:00:00:00
needle in the hay 00:00:52:10
bled white 00:05:06:19
stupidity tries 00:08:15:21
coming up roses 00:11:40:21
waltz #2 (xo) 00:14:43:12
everything means nothing to me 00:19:12:00
clementine 00:21:55:24
son of sam 00:24:57:11
la 00:28:05:15
amity 00:31:38:12
ballad of big nothing 00:34:13:07
cupid's trick 00:36:51:20
st. ides heaven 00:40:21:00
junk bond trader 00:43:10:07
division day 00:46:57:00
christian brothers 00:49:56:14
angeles 00:55:14:21
fond farewell 00:58:28:16
alameda 01:02:06:05
say yes 01:06:05:15

A real gem from the JEMS archive, the show was filmed for webcast purposes and disappeared thereafter. A VHS copy off the masters fell into my lap and I turned to my compatriot Chrisedge, who did a fine job authoring this and remastering what had been thin audio. Thanks as always Chris.

I'd consider this a must for fans. Let me know what you think.