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Snowshoe Hike


Saturday evening Grandma and Grandpa B and Coby came up to babysit and spend the night. Saturday night, Lisa and Jonathan went on Chippewa Nature Center's Valentine's Snowshoe Hike and Dessert. It was fun to go snowshoeing, but I'm sure it would have been more so if there had been more than just a few inches of snow on the ground. We had cheesecake and cookies for dessert. From an article in the Midland Daily News:

...14 couples participating in the Nature Center's Valentine's Snowshoe Hike and Dessert, where couples donned snowshoes and traversed the trails around the center. Couples trudged through a small amount of snow cover on a twilight hike. The shoes weren't needed for navigation, just for fun. On the hike, the full moon obscured by clouds emitted a soft glow onto the white trails. Guides and hikers tried calling owls, but the nocturnal birds seemed otherwise occupied, and didn't respond. Indoors after the hike, candles took over for the moon, providing a romantic atmosphere for a quiet dessert.


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