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Stewart Skewers Fox News' Gay Rights March Coverage

Fans of Fox News have a pretty low view of the mainstream media due to its perceived liberal bias in promoting stories that to them seem irrelevant while ignoring others that seem to them to be highly newsworthy.  To me it seems kind of strange for people who gets their news mainly from Fox News to complain about biased media outlets.  If you're so offended by media bias, why in the world would you consume media from another outlet that is demonstrably as biased or even more so (but biased to the right)?  The clip below from Jon Stewart illustrates this point beautifully by showing how Fox News devoted intense coverage to the Tea Party gathering in D.C. while mocking the other networks for giving it little attention despite its significant size...and then proceeded to ignore last weekend's rights march of comparable size.

As I mentioned before (link), I think Nicholas Kristof was right on target when he wrote:

..there’s pretty good evidence that we generally don’t truly want good information — but rather information that confirms our prejudices. We may believe intellectually in the clash of opinions, but in practice we like to embed ourselves in the reassuring womb of an echo chamber.

I think organizations like Media Matters for America, NewsBusters, and NewsHounds are useful, and I'm glad they do what they do...but I wish the average Joe would either give Fox News as much scorn for its bias as he does the New York Times or one of the other TV networks...or give it a rest about media bias.



P.S. - Stewart stuck it to the Communist News Network the night before ;-)

Rick Sanchez' defense of CNN's coverage of the Tea Party protest in D.C. (h/t Batey):

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