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Suspect Arrested in Carjacking

A carjacking was big news in Midland this week. Relatively speaking, crimes like that are rare around here (comparison to national average). A suspect was arrested the next day. What really got me was this (from an article by Kelly Nankervis in the Midland Daily News):

As he took off across the parking lot, she kept trying to unlock her door to get out. Eventually she got the door open. He grabbed her hair, but she fell out as he turned the corner onto Joe Mann Boulevard. One man, a Meijer store employee, saw the events and came to the woman's rescue. "He was the only one," she said, beginning to cry. "He's really a hero."

Lane pointed out that crimes like this show Midland is changing, and it's up to citizens to be vigilant in order to maintain a low-crime community. At least two motorists drove their vehicles around the woman while she was lying on the pavement in the Meijer parking lot, Lane said. "That disappoints me, people not willing to help anybody. It's sad, it really is."

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