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A Timberwolves Loss

As we mentioned already, the boys had some time on our own this weekend.  Lisa came back from her moms conference late on Saturday night.  Saturday morning the boys played some games (like Go Fish and the Star Wars Escape from Death Star).  Jonathan, He-man that he is, single-handedly moved the old, heavy couch out of the basement in several pieces and out to the curb for big trash day.  After lunch we went to the Northwood football game.  They were ranked 9th in nation in NCAA Division II and were hosting #1 Grand Valley State University.  Madan and Sid met us at the game.  Northwood kept it close in the first half by forcing several turnovers, but they weren't able to consistently move the ball nor keep GVSU from doing so in the 2nd half and lost 30-14.  The Lakers remained unbeaten and Northwood fell to 7 and 2.

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