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From the Tumblelog February 12-18, 2012

Feb 18

newsShane Claiborne: Occupy Nonviolence

runkeeper Just posted a 1.00 mi run

Feb 17

twittericonThe Descendents with Lisa

yelpI checked in at Midland Cinemas Ncg (6540 Cinema Dr)

Feb 16

newsDilbert comic strip for 02/16/2012

Feb 15

facebookLisa says: Good luck BOOMSLANG as you battle to the death!

Feb 13

newsModest Needs

Feb 12

facebookLisa says: can not get enough of this stuff

facebookLisa says: Sunday afternoon with the Finnja


newsEducation Justice | Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

yelpI checked in at Wheeler Road Church of Christ (1123 E Wheeler St)


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