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From the Tumblelog January 1-7, 2012

Jan 7

twittericonKeyboard Fest at MCFTA

foursquareI checked in at Midland Center For the Arts (1801 W Saint Andrews Rd)

Jan 6

newsSantorum's delusions: Rick Santorum and our "sick" culture

newsPolitical Animal - GOP refuses to let House Dems speak

Jan 5

facebookLisa says: save a pretzel for the gas jets!

Jan 4

newsGovernment by loophole - The Washington Post

Jan 2

twittericonbringing the break to a close with both "Wimpy Kid" movies with the boys

newsProgressives and the Ron Paul fallacies

twittericonRT @jeffkart: 1 in every 15 high school seniors is smoking pot daily - the highest rate in 30 years

twittericonnoticed a Georgia fan holding a "GO DWAGS!" sign on TV


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