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From the Tumblelog January 15-21, 2012

Jan 21

foursquareI checked in at Bella Bella's Family Restaurant (3124 Jefferson Ave)

twittericonElliot tweets: Watching an old muppet movie very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

twittericonwatching old Muppet Show clips on Youtube with the Finnja

Jan 18

newsOcular Fusion » Robert Rex Meyers: Student, Soldier, Professor, Preacher, “Heretic”–My Friend

foursquareI checked in at Espresso Milano (137 Ashman St)

Jan 17

twittericonRT @SGgrc: Wikipedia on anti-SOPA/PIPA/OPEN day: Disable "scripting" and you can still access Wikipedia. Point made. :)

newsAyn Rand or MLK: pick one

Jan 15

newsMr. Daisey and the Apple Factory | This American Life

facebookLisa says: woohoo! Finally 5 stars on Pump It!

twittericonElliot tweets: Lets go #giants

foursquareI checked in at Wheeler Road Church of Christ (1123 E Wheeler St)


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