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From the Tumblelog July 31-August 6, 2011

Aug 6

twittericonElliot tweets: This is my 100th tweet YAY

twittericonElliot tweets: I am at PMP Countertop. My mom forced me to come! UHHH

Aug 4

newsWrong And Right

Aug 3

twittericonElliot tweets: Lake Superior is so COLD!!!!!

twittericonFREE ALBUM: SPIN Tribute to Nirvana's 'Nevermind'

twittericonRT @mspspeak: Slaughterhouse Five banned by Missouri State schools? I'm sorry people but the book of Genesis alone has more sex scenes.

twittericonFrom James Taranto: "What's the difference between a left-wing nut and a right-wing nut? A left-wing nut thinks Barack Obama is a genius. A right-wing nut thinks he's an evil genius."

facebookLisa: boo KOL! I wanted my BOH!

Aug 2

newsProtecting Entitlements Is A Strange And Self-Destructive Principle For Liberals | The New Republic

foursquareI checked in at Mackinaw Pastie and Cookie Co (117 W Jamet)

newsThe anatomy of a smear

Aug 1

foursquareI checked in at Lake Superior Brewing Co At Dunes Saloon (N14283 Lake Ave)

twittericonthe view from a Monday afternoon on Lake Superior




Jul 31

twittericonsmores on the beach


twittericonGrand Marais sunset


newsTax Burdens Around the World

newsEvangelicals Without Blowhards

facebookLisa: The Milky Way is out in Grand Marais.


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