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From the Tumblelog September 25-October 1, 2011

Oct 1

facebookLisa: Finn has changed his mind on what he wants to be when he grows up from football player to mythbuster.

twittericonElliot tweets: 'ello govna'

twittericonElliot tweets: Finally my team won their first game in OT we are 1-3

Sep 30

twittericonRT @TimothyArcher: Hispanic students vanish from Alabama schools – via @USATODAY
twittericonwatching King Kong (1976) for family movie night

foursquareI checked in at Pizza Sam's (102 W Main St)

news5 reasons Chris Christie can't win the GOP nomination

newsThe due-process-free assassination of U.S. citizens is now reality

newsCreationism, Science And The Purpose Of Higher Education

Sep 29

facebookLisa: decided I am asking Santa for my own trumpet because Elliot is completely freaking out about my spit refusing to let me play his.

twittericonElliot tweets: Just finished band practice i play the trumpet

newsObama: A disaster for civil liberties

newsThe Gospel According to Lady Gaga

Sep 28

newsPrinceton goes open access to stop staff handing all copyright to journals – unless waiver granted

twittericonElliot tweets: #goodmornin


Sep 27

newsWhere is Jason Molina?

newsJohn Wesley Harding Takes You Through The Songwriting Process

Sep 25

twittericonat Lucas Oil for Steelers v Colts

facebookLisa: Watching the Steelers play the Colts and looking for my boys in the audience.

twittericonElliot tweets: at the #steelers game go #steelers



foursquareI checked in at Lucas Oil Stadium (500 S Capitol Ave)

foursquareI checked in at Children's Museum (3000 N Meridian St)


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