U2 2001-10-10 South Bend, IN PRO NTSC DVD-9 [DVD0238]

Joyce Center
University of Notre Dame
South Bend, IN
October 10, 2001
JEMS masters

Video Source: live satellite feed > satellite receiver > forgotten professional format video tape (likely Betacam) > Digital 8 tapes
Audio Source: live satellite feed > satellite receiver > Casio DAR-100 DAT

Master Digital 8 tapes and DAT tape > Vegas edit, sync and author > Dual Layer DVD-R > VIDEO_TS

Data Size: 7.66 GB

Video Info:
Authored with menu
720 × 480 (4:3)
29.97 fps
8.00 Mbps

Audio Info:
PCM stereo, 48 kHz, 1.54 Mbps

01 Beautiful Day
02 Until the End of the World > Two Tribes
03 New Year's Day
04 When Will I See You Again
05 Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of
06 What's Going On
07 New York
08 Pride (In the Name of Love)
09 Sunday Bloody Sunday
10 Kite
11 Angel of Harlem
12 Staring at the Sun
13 Bad > Molly Malone
14 Psalm 116 > Where the Streets Have No Name
15 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
16 With Or Without You > Shine Like Stars
17 Elevation > Creep
18 Mysterious Ways > Sexual Healing
19 One
20 Peace on Earth (tiny glitch on both audio and video masters)
21 Walk On

So…some of you know that JEMS recorded the 2001 Notre Dame webcast direct from the satellite feed. I posted that audio a couple years ago and the response seemed to be positive in that it was considered the best version yet to circulate (oddly, a webcast-sourced version was posted to U2T a few months ago that some preferred even as the capture, by its very nature, should be inferior. Not throwing stones, I just don't understand how a direct capture from a satellite receiver could be inferior to a webcast downstream of the same source given the state of broadband in 2001).

While we were not able to capture live video ourselves, live video was recorded from the satellite though not of the multi-camera feed. From what I was told, this was because the feeds were coming through in PAL as that was the video system U2 employed on the road, but the so-called Bono-cam was NTSC and that feed was recorded. Now I honestly don't recall to what tape format the Booncam was captured (it was most likely Betacam), but well after the fact, JEMS was able to borrow and dub those pro tapes to what was the best format we could put our hands onto on short notice, Digital 8.

This DVD is the first time those Digital 8 tapes (three of them) have been transferred and circulated. Our good friend KS did the authoring and the syncing to the DAT audio source. He has done great work in the past and this one is no exception. He felt the quality was strong enough to author as a dual-layer DVD which will annoy some of you but at this point dual-layer burners are pretty common. This will be the only version.

Now, the real question is, is this better than what's circulating? I know at least one other satellite capture was made of the Bono-cam and it has always been my presumption that it was the source for all the copies in circulation. I have compared ours to the screen grabs at Achtung Bootlegs and it does appear to be an upgrade. The colors aren't as washed out (look at the green of Bono's guitar). The picture edges are more defined (read the word "Security" on the jackets near b-stage), and the audio should be an improvement. I have attached screen grabs of the menus and a few other frames to help guide you.

Butterking for JEMS