U2 2009-07-2X Amsterdam AUD multicam PAL [DVD0272]&[DVD0273]

We used video footage from YouTube of Interference74, U2006.com and other tapers whose name
we could not retrieve. So if you recognize some of your footage please PM me on here
so we can add your name to the cover.

Except for the Intro, Major Tom, Kingdom intro, Breath, One (HollandLive!) and some essential other various
bits and pieces we used most of Interference74's audio files.

For DVD 1 we used 164 different video and audio objects, for DVD 2 we used 117 objects.

The DVD is a mix of both dates and we hope you will get a great feel when you experience
this setlist!!

Feel free to create your own covers, but make sure to mention the tapers of the original footage!!
They deserve the credit for their hard work!
Special thanks to Interference74 (ytrewq on U2Torrents.com) for his outstanding camera work!
Hamish Hamilton should offer you a job in his team!

Don't sell this dvd!!! Make copies and give one to your friends!

Tour: 360 Tour
Leg: Leg 1 - Europe
Date: 20 - 21 july 2009
Country: the Netherlands
Town: Amsterdam
Location: ArenA
Cams: 7 +
Integral: Collection
Menu: Yes
Format: PAL
Playtime: ca. 2h:31min
Videostreamtype: DVD
Resolution: 720 x 576
Framerate: 25.000
Ratio: Auto (4:3)
Bitrate: variabel, mean 6.00, maximum 9.50

Audio (MPEG):
Layer: 2
Bitrate: 448 kBit/s
Frequentie: 48.0 kHz
Modus: Dolby Surround 5.1
Streamtype: DVD
Bitrate: variable, 10.08 MBit/s maximum

Original taper: Interference74, U2006.com and some unknown tapers (THANKS!!)
Material: HD download, edited with Magix Video deluxe 15 Premium, re-encoded with Nero 9,
added menu > DVD > YOU!> your friends!

DVD 1:
01 - ArenA
02 - Intro Kingdom - Breathe
03 - No line on the Horizon
04 - Get on your boots
05 - Magnificent
06 - Beautiful Day
07 - Mysterious Ways
08 - Elevation
09 - Desire
10 - I still haven't found what I'm looking for
11 - Stuck in a moment
12 - One
13 - Unknown Caller
14 - Until the end of the world
15 - Unforgettable Fire
16 - City of blinding lights
17 - Vertigo

DVD 2:
01 - I'll go Crazy-Remix
02 - Sunday bloody sunday
03 - Pride
04 - MLK
05 - Walk on
06 - Tutu speech
07 - Where the streets have no name
08 - Bad
09 - Ultraviolet
10 - With or without you
11 - Moment of surrender

Two songs are missing from both concerts: "In a little while" and "Angel of Harlem"
Sorry 'bout this, but we couldn't add them because of lack of decent material and
maybe it was just suppossed to be this way.... ;-)

So....now after a period of time where we had probably one of the most intense experiences ever
in compiling this DVD, it's back to everyday life for us.....and downloading the other
amazing stuff from this great site!
I am sure one day something new will come on our path.....