U2 2009-09-12 Soldier Field, Chicago AUD [DVD0179]&[DVD0180]&[DVD0181]

360 Tour
Soldier Field
Chicago, Illinois

3 DVDs
NTSC/HD Sourced

Filmer: Daniel Raymond
Camera: Panasonic ZS3

sample (intermission video & ultraviolet):

disc 1 (5 chapters) - 3.43GB / 56:59
01 : major tom, kingdom, breathe
02 : no line on the horizon, get on your boots
03 : magnificent, beautiful day
04 : elevation, i still haven't found what i'm looking for
05 : stuck in a moment, unknown caller

disc 2 (5 chapters) - 3.69GB / 52:15
01 : the unforgettable fire, city of blinding lights, vertigo
02 : i'll go crazy if i don't go crazy tonight, sunday bloody sunday
03 : pride, mlk, walk on, where the streets have no name
04 : tutu speech, one, opening 8 seconds of bad
05 : bad (maybe missed 10-15 seconds because of battery change)

disc 3 (1 chapter) - 1.82GB / 28:01
01 : intermission video, ultraviolet, with or without you, moment of surrender, rocket man

* this was from a digital camera (panasonic ZS3), it's a great camera but not a true video camera so i had some limitations
* i stopped between songs so i didn't get caught by surprise or go over the memory card limit at the wrong time
-- there are obvious cuts between chapters (i cannot apologize enough for this)
* there were two battery changes (i brought 4 with me)
-- i can't remember the first one
-- the second one was right when Bad was starting, there was no break between One & Bad and the battery died
* sorry for the heads and hands, i did my best to shoot around them or zoom in/out

I wanted to share this with as many people as possible in the best quality
I cannot burn dual-layer or blu-ray, so that was not an option
I know there are many people who cannot play/process actual mts/m2ts HD files or download a 12gb, 14gb, or 19gb ratio killer
I do not plan on torrenting my raw HD files or sending them to someone I do not know
I burned these DVDs at the highest possible quality (60 minute max per dvd), they look great on my 50" and 42" TVs
I could not edit it to fit on 2 DVDs and burn in high quality, 1 extra DVD isn't going to kill anybody

If you download this and want to shrink it down to 2 discs (or even 1 disc), go ahead
I don't film with multi-cams in mind, it may be a challenge to pull enough footage for a multi-cam
But if you want to try and use any of this footage for a multi-cam, go ahead

Don't be goob and sell it

for ry