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U2 2010-09-30 Seville, Spain AUD NTSC [DVD0300]

"What a wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful night!"

Bono, U2
September 30th, 2010
Olympic Stadium
Seville, Spain

I am TangRaM, from somewhere in the world...
I was at U2's concert at Seville, on September 30th 2010.
During last month, I have been searching over Internet for some video bootleg of this concert, without success. All that I found were achtung_baby01's audio bootleg, as well as lots of short videos uploaded to YouTube website. Well, I told myself "Why I don't create a video of the whole concert by using this stuff?".
Really this was not a new idea, the truth is that last year I already did the same with the concert at Dublin, on July 24th 2009. And this is what I have done with this one! I have named my bootleg "What a wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful night!". Bono told this "wonderful" phrase almost at the end of the "night", and the crowd got even more excited!

What you should know before downloading this:
This is a NTSC-like DVD. It is a 4,3 Gb compilation, so it fits into a single layer DVD. It has been encoded using MPEG2 for video and AC3 5.1 codec for audio (upmixed from stereo source). This is not a true multicam video. Well, really it is a "cam-per-song" video. Let me explain what I have done (more or less): I have taken from YouTube one HD video for each song, and have synchronized them with achtung_baby01's audio. Once I had all the videos with the same audio standard, I have edited a whole concert track with all the parts. I decided to do this firstly in HD because nowadays everybody has nice HD TVs, and I saw nice HD sources in YouTube. Apart, I have compiled it into this standard DVD format, as surely a lot of people will be asking for it. By the way, I want to thank to everybody uploading videos in such quality! Maybe you will see your video inside my edition...Of course, many thanks to achtung_baby01 too, for sharing (and giving me his permission to use) his nice audio. All taken videos were 720p videos, but unfortunately not all of them were of good good quality. For example, not all of them were 30fps, and first 50 seconds of "Get On Your Boots" were not available in HD. Also, some intervals between songs are a bit short. But well, in the end this is not a professional video. I decided to encode it as NTSC because I liked to have a (near) 30fps video, rather than the 25fps of a PAL compilation. Also, I haven't put any kind of menu. I have preferred to fill the entire DVD with a single film. However, you can move or jump to the different songs, as they're different chapters. I'm sure that you will like it, specially if you were there, like me!

Setlist (available chapters):

-- Intro
00 Space Oddity
01 Return Of The Stingray Guitar
02 Beautiful Day
03 New Year's Day
04 Get On Your Boots
05 Magnificent
06 Mysterious Ways
07 Elevation
08 Until The End Of The World
09 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
10 North Star (An Acoustic Version)
11 Mercy
12 In A Little While
13 Miss Sarajevo
14 City Of Blinding Lights
15 Vertigo
16 I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)
17 Sunday Bloody Sunday
18 MLK
19 Walk On
20 One
21 Where The Streets Have No Name
22 Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
23 With Or Without You
24 Moment Of Surrender
-- Outro

Feel free to share this creation: Enjoy and... let enjoy!


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