Versus 2009-07-17 South Street Seaport, NYC AUD flac

South Street Seaport, NYC
July 17, 2009

Source: AUD > CoreSound Binaurals > MM-EBM-1 battery box (with bass roll-off) > Line In > iRiver H320 (Rockboxed) > AIFF > Sound Studio > AIFF > XAct > FLAC
Taped by me (neil d)
Very light EQ in Sound Studio

01 new song
02 new song
03 new song
04 You'll Be Sorry
05 Angels Rush In
06 Gone to Earth
07 new song
08 Blade of Grass
09 Cicada

Of the growing number of free summer music series in NYC, River to River's South Street Seaport shows are among my favorites: Never too crowded, with a backdrop of boats sailing by and the Brooklyn skyline beyond. And because it's in a mostly commercial district, they can properly crank the volume, which is an issue sometimes at some other outdoor shows in the city.

Also, South Street always seems to get some of the best lineups, and this show was no exception: Superchunk and Versus, both back from the dead (or at least the hiatused) with new material out in 2009 for the first time in forever. Versus has undergone yet another lineup change, swapping out a Baluyut (James, this time) for a female violinist/keyboard player/backing vocalist whose name I didn't catch.

The sound, as noted above, was excellent, and the crowd was mostly fairly quiet during the songs, save for one guy who you'll hear making a cellphone call during the Versus set. ("Hello? I'm over here. Can you see me? Maybe I should come find you...") Big thanks to Brandon for the setlist reconstruction.