Versus 2009-11-13 Knitting Factory, Brooklyn AUD flac

Knitting Factory, Brooklyn
November 13, 2009

Source: AUD > CoreSound Binaurals > MM-EBM-1 battery box (with bass roll-off) > Line In > iRiver H320 (Rockboxed) > AIFF > Sound Studio > AIFF > XAct >
Recorded and mastered by neil d
Light EQ and dynamic compression in Sound Studio

01 intro
02 there goes the neighborhood
03 Invincible Hero
04 Glitter of Love
05 Gone to Earth
06 A Heart Is A Diamond
07 Valhalla
08 Into Blue
09 My Adidas
10 Cicada Storm
11 unknown
12 Crazy

I was sad to see that violinist/keyboardist/vocalist Margaret White hadn't made the trip up from North Carolina, as she was a great addition to the band when I saw them in July. Instead, as Richard explained, "We decided to replace her with three dudes," and the addition of James, Patrick, and Chris from +/- did help make up for her absence. Most of the set was new songs, with "Cicada Storm" a clear highlight, especially with two guitars and two drummers.

Vocals are a bit low in the mix, though I was able to boost them some in EQ. Otherwise, sound is great. Recorded with binaural mics from dead center, about 10 feet back from the stage.

Thanks to Brandon for help with the song titles. Versus track 2 is a guess at the title; on track 11 Richard says the title during the beginning of the song, but I can't make it out.