Violent Femmes 1985-04-02 La Edad de Oro - TVE, Prado del Rey, Madrid PAL [DVD0142]]

Violent Femmes

La Edad de Oro - TVE, Prado del Rey, Madrid
April 2, 1985

PRO SHOT, PAL, 4/3, Stereo
DVB-T Digital Recording
Authored with DVD Studio Pro
Artwork included
Show: 87 minutes
Interview: 11 minutes
Total: 98 minutes

01. Blister in The Sun
02. Promise
03. Country Dead Song
04. Prove My Love
05. Never Tell
06. Old Mother Reagan
07. Gimme The Car
08. Add It Up
09. Kiss Off (Batman theme in the middle)
10. Hallowed Ground
11. I Hear The Rain
12. Jesus Walking On The Water
13. Gone Daddy Gone (Stars imitating high school Cheerleaders)
14. Confessions
15. Old Mother Reagan (Second take)
16. To the Kill
17. Ugly
18. Faith
19. Black Girls ("I want candy" in the middle?)

This is the last one of the classic recordings from TVE 50. This was
a conmemorative channel and ended with the year. A great lost.
Do not ask about other La Edad de Oro show, all the rebroadcast
recorded by me are already shared, along with other fantastic concerts
by Frank Zappa, Lou Reed, Rory Gallagher, Supertramp,.. That«s all Foks.

Please share these little gemms.