We Didn't Eat Any Chocolate

Elliot needs to recruit a new partner in crime. Sunday evening the boys and I were at home while Lisa was out. I was riding the stationary bike in the basement, and the boys went upstairs for a while. Later on in the evening, as they were getting ready for bed, Finn said to me out of the blue: "We didn't eat any chocolate." Of course, it didn't take us long to interrogate Elliot and find out that he and Elliot had managed to get into candy they received at a birthday party Saturday night. Then, when I came home for lunch on Monday, Finn met me at the door. He said, "Smell my breath." I did, but I didn't smell anything. "It smells like sugar," he said. At first I assumed he had eaten some candy. Instead it turns out that, while Lisa was showering, the boys got into the sugar bowl and enjoyed a pack of artificial sweetener.