What Happened This Afternoon

On the way home from work tonight, I stopped and picked Elliot up from Taekwon Do and then headed home.  As I turned onto a street near our house, I noticed a car heading toward me that swerved into my lane before turning back to its own.  As I proceeded, I noticed a dark object lying an the side of the road.  Today was trash day, so at first I assumed it was a garbage bag.  As I passed it, I realized that it was a person.  I stopped and got out, and saw that it was an elderly.  She said she had fallen and asked me to help her up.  I was concerned that she might have been injured, but she assured me that she didn't have a bad fall.  I offered to give her a ride, and she asked for a ride to Kroger.  She said her husband had said that snow had been forecasted for tonight, and she was trying to get to Kroger before it snowed.  After she bought a couple items, we gave her a ride home.  I offered to give her my phone number in case she needed anything else, but she said she didn't need it.  She just asked my name and street (presumably to send a thank you note).

I was quite glad that I saw her when I did because she could easily have be run over while lying there on the side of the road.  Her hearing seemed to be fine, but her vision seemed to be a bit lacking (which probably explains why she was walking instead of driving).  I was also glad that my son was there to observe me stopping and giving this lady aid.


I'm so glad you were there to help her.