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What I'm Reading

Since I know you're all dying to follow in great detail my reading habits, I've added a couple things:

  • On the right-hand side of the blog is a list of links to the online stories that I've been reading lately.
  • A sort of meta-RSS feed of those same stories is here.

Here's how I did it: In Google Reader I started clicking the "share" link at the end of each item that I wanted to share. Under Settings->Tags I clicked the "add a clip to your site" to get the javascript that produces the list of what I'm reading on the right hand side of this blog. That same Settings->Tags page has the link to a web page that lists the shared items. To create an RSS feed, is used the service to scrape that web page and create a feed. If anyone else wants to do this, let me know and I'll help (configuring isn't at all trivial, but I've figured it out now). Update: it occurred to me that Google probably provides an RSS feed for your shared stories. I checked, and they scraping it with isn't necessary. It doesn't seem to be easy to find out the address of that feed, though. Go to the shared items page and view the source. Search in the source for "atom" and that will take you to the url of the feed. Update # 2: The easiest way to find the address of your Google Reader "shared items" feed is to click on the "Shared items" link in the upper left corner, and at the top of the resulting list of shared items there will be a link to the web page and to the feed.


Google will own us all by the end of the decade.But I'm glad to see what you are reading.

I enjoy reading through some of the blogs and articles you are reading. It is very interesting how vile and hateful most of the liberal/democrat bloggers comments are towards conservatives. I never realized how nasty they are. It gives me a whole new perspective on their attitudes and misconceptions.

1. I think the nastiness is a general characteristic, not more prevalent in one side or the other.2. I'm curious about exactly which blogs/articles you're referring to...I don't ever read the comments/discussion on any blogs/articles where I see significant nastiness. Scanning through my recent "What I'm Reading" list, I'm guessing maybe its the comments on the Huffington Post or the discussion on Slate? I have only rarely glanced at the comments there but suspect they may not be very civil.

Huffington on Rush comments about Barack saying that society decided he was black. I listened to Rush that day so I know exactly what he said. All the comments on that site were predominantly nasty and vile except one man who understood what was actually being talked about.Videosift also had a lot of nastiness about the new Fox show. I also went to another site yesterday, of course I don't remember what site, and the negative nastiness was surprising. I guess I didn't realize how nasty some of these liberals are.

You knew that humans are often nasty and that conservatives are often nasty, but weren't aware that liberals are no exception? Or, you think that liberals are exceptionally nasty? They're not.

Jonathan, of course I know humans can nasty. I guess I didn't expect to see such nastiness on those blogs. I expect people to accept others opinions for what they are an not name call. I expect them to deal with the issues with facts. I did not see that there. Only bashing.I went to a few conservative blogs and did not see the nasty name calling that there was on Huffington. Maybe I went to the wrong ones. There are probably some out there. I have been listening to liberals on Rush and Hannity for the last month and that is quite distressing. No debate or facts, just name calling. I guess I expected more civility than what I saw. Silly me.

Agreed, name-calling isn't helpful. Fact-based discussions are the ideal. In my limited experience on the net, I see plenty of name-calling and ad hominem attacks from both the left and the right. For example, back when I paid a little bit of attention to Michelle Malkin, it seemed like she was calling someone a "moonbat" in every other post. Here is a link to a search for "wacko" on (196 hits): link. A cursory glance indicates he mostly reserves that term for environmentalists. Here is a search on the same site for "haters" (335 hits): link. It seems lots of people are "Bush-haters" with a few "America haters" thrown in for good measure.My online pal Scott Freeman addressed this recently here: link.Let's keep expecting and encouraging and demonstrating civility, but I won't be too surprised when I see the opposite.

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