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Witnessing Execution a Matter of Duty, Choice

Via Slate's Today's Papers column, a recent article of the same title in the Washington Post by Candace Rondeaux reports on individuals who volunteer to serve as witnesses of prisoner executions:

It's been 70 years since executions in the United States were open to the public. But in Virginia, there is always someone watching, turning what is for most people a distinctly private moment into a very public end. One of more than a dozen death penalty states that require ordinary citizens to witness executions, Virginia has enlisted hundreds of volunteers for the task. They come from every corner and every quarter: A Richmond school bus driver, a South Hill bookkeeper, a Prince William County police officer, an Ashburn computer specialist, a Lynchburg brass works fabricator. All have visited the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt.


I think that before we decide if we are pro death penalty, we should watch what we are voting on.

Before we decide if we are pro-choice we should all watch an abortion being performed.

Yep. When "Rev. Spitz" responding to the "Shouting Across the Divide" post, he linked to his web site which had a gruesome picture of an aborted fetus on the main page. I removed the link because I didn't want anyone to see it unintentionally.

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