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You can clean those stains in the toilet with Kaboom...

On Monday, while Finn was napping, Lisa decided to clean our bathroom...not something that happens very often.  Elliot, of course, jumped up from his "Popular Mechanics for Kids" TV show, eager and willing to be a big help.  He swept the floors while Lisa cleaned the sink.  When it came time for the toilet, Elliot lifted the lid while Lisa got the cleaning supplies.  Elliot proceeded to say, "You can clean those stains in the toilet with Kaboom."  Lisa said, "Ka-What!?"  She knew exactly what stains he was talking about...the rust stains in the toilet bowl which are never removed by cleaning.  Elliot repeated himself.  "Where did you hear that?," she said.  He replied, "That's what they said on TV.  You should get some."


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