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No link between cell phones, tumors

A new study confirms the finding of several others that "...there is no substantial risk in the first decade after starting use [of cell phones]."  "The study, conducted by the London-based Institute of Cancer Research, and published this week on the British Journal of Cancer's Web site, found no increased risks of a rare benign tumor in the nerve that links the ear to the may not be a good idea for children to use the phones for long periods because their brains are still developing. Also, it is too early to tell what the effects of long-term use will be on adults."


Lake Superior Sunset


Daisy May and Seth

Lisa's favorites of the weekend were Daisy May and Seth Bernard


Today we also saw Erik Koskinen:

Beth Amsel:

and Sunday's headliner Kelly Joe Phelps:


Saturday night's headliner was Iris DeMent, one of Lisa's favorite artists.  We'd seen her three times before (Knoxville and Asheville in the late 90's and Denver in 2000).


We stayed at the AmericInn in Silver City, MI.  It's the same place we stayed in 1994, though back then it a Best Western.

Here's the view from our suite:

and here are some photos from the beach:



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