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Elliot's New Favorite TV Show: Corwin's Quest

"In this adventurous series, filmed over many months in five continents, Jeff explores several themes or sensory qualities of animal behavior, including sound, smell, diet, defense, attack and survival."

Kickball catching on with adults

Adult softball leagues are popping up around the country...

Watching TV harms kids' academic success

"Too much time in front of the TV reduces children's learning abilities, academic achievement, and even the likelihood of their graduating from university, suggest three new studies. But it may be the quality, not quantity, of the programmes that really matters."


Ting to come to the U.K.

Pepsi recently rolled out its carbonated grapefruit drink Ting to UK consumers.  "Originally from Jamaica, the lightly carbonated grapefruit drink contains grapefruit Juice (6%), natural grapefruit flavour, citric acid and sodium citrate."

Jonathan enjoyed quite a few Tings during his trip to Jamaica a couple of years back.


2005 MS150

The MS 150 Bike Tour was this past weekend.  It was my 8th tour (4 in TN and 4 in MI).  I did 107 miles on Saturday and 84 on Sunday.  The weather was good most of the time: overcast and not too hot.  Saturday was my first century.  It went OK though I had quite a bit of back and shoulder pain.

Here is someone else's blog from the ride with a bunch of pictures, etc.

Here is a picture of Kip and me after finishing the ride on Sunday.


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