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Snoring now, hyperactive later

Following up on a previous study, University of Michigan researchers have found that children who snored regularly, in comparison to those who did not, were about four times more likely to have developed new hyperactivity by the time the U-M team contacted their families four years later.



TV may turn four-year-olds into bullies

According to a study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine and reported in New Scientist, "Young children who watch a lot of television are more likely to become bullies, a new study reveals. The authors suggest the increasingly violent nature of children's cartoons may be to blame."


Comparing the danger of various modes of transportation

As reported by Popular Science, according to the government of Great Britain which tracks deaths per billion passenger-miles, data from 1991 to 2000 showed the following rates:


  • airplane - 0.02
  • boat - 0.4
  • bus - 0.4
  • rail - 0.49
  • car - 3.1
  • bicycle - 42
  • foot - 59
  • motorcycle - 106

I'm planning to bike 150 to 200 miles in a few weeks...


30 Days with Morgan Spurlock

30 Days with Morgan Spurlock
Wednesdays 10 PM eastern on FX.

A TV show by Morgan Spurlock, of "Super Size Me" fame, subjects other people to 30 days of their own personal hell on his new FX.  A Christian will live in a Muslim community, a homophobe will live with gay people, fossil fuel-dependent 30-somethings will live off the grid, and a mother will binge drink to try to identify with her daughter's life. On the show's first episode, Spurlock and his fiancee moved from New York to the midwest, where they worked minimum-wage jobs for a month.

We watched this for the first time tonight (the Christian living with Muslims episode) and enjoyed it.  We enjoyed Super Size Me too.

Children's physical activity

An expert panel recently suggested that "...[s]chool-age children should participate in 60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily."




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