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NC surgeons use tools washed in hydraulic fluid

According to a recent news story:


...sometime last year, elevator workers at two hospitals drained hydraulic fluid into empty soap containers and capped them without changing the labels.  Not long afterward, medical staff complained that some of their surgical tools felt slick. But it was not until January that nearly 4,000 patients learned their surgeons had unknowingly used instruments washed in the slippery fluid instead of soap...


Bankrupty rumored for NWA

As frequent Northwest fliers, we took notice of their rumored upcoming bankruptcy.


That's a yak

In Sunday School last Sunday, Finn's teacher was reading a book about creation to the class.  On each page she was asking the three kids to name what they saw.  Finn, of course, was full of his usual verbal eloquence.  On page describing the creation of the animals, Finn was proudly saying, "That's a giraffe.  That's a rhinoceros.  That's a hippopotamus."  Then the teacher pointed to an unusual-looking animal and said, "What about this guy?  I'm not sure what he is.  Maybe a bull?"  Finn proceeded to say, "No!  That's a yak."  Lisa and Diane (teacher) busted out in laughter, and Finn was embarrassed and wouldn't look at Lisa for the rest of the class.  Lisa still doesn't know where he learned about yaks, but maybe it was on the Y page of an alphabet book.


You can clean those stains in the toilet with Kaboom...

On Monday, while Finn was napping, Lisa decided to clean our bathroom...not something that happens very often.  Elliot, of course, jumped up from his "Popular Mechanics for Kids" TV show, eager and willing to be a big help.  He swept the floors while Lisa cleaned the sink.  When it came time for the toilet, Elliot lifted the lid while Lisa got the cleaning supplies.  Elliot proceeded to say, "You can clean those stains in the toilet with Kaboom."  Lisa said, "Ka-What!?"  She knew exactly what stains he was talking about...the rust stains in the toilet bowl which are never removed by cleaning.  Elliot repeated himself.  "Where did you hear that?," she said.  He replied, "That's what they said on TV.  You should get some."


A few 30-second sprints as beneficial as hour long jog

"Just six minutes of intense exercise a week could be as effective as an hour of daily moderate activity suggests new findings from researchers at McMaster University."



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