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The Yes Men

yesmen.GIFToday I finished watching The Yes Men (2003,R). From

A filmcrew follows a small group of activists who gains world-wide notoriety for impersonating World Trade Organization members on television and at business conferences.

I enjoyed this one. You've got to admire this guys by getting there point across and having fun doing it via impersonation and pranks. I remember when they pulled their Bhopal prank on Dow Chemical. 4 out of 5.

Team America: World Police

200pxTakenposterToday I finished watching Team America: World Police (2004,R) (Screen It! Review). From Wikipedia:

The film tells the story of an overzealous gang of anti-terrorist "global peace" enforcers known as Team America. Much of the film is a parody of the Bush Administration's War on Terror. Most of the heroes and villains represent extreme caricatures of both conservative and liberal attitudes towards the war, and American foreign policy in general. The film also heavily parodies the clichés of other action movies...

Though highly vulgar and profane, the lampooning of the haphazardly executed war on terror and the penchant of "Hollywood liberals" to step into politics was amusing.

Batman Begins

Batman_begins.jpgToday I finished watching Batman Begins (2005,PG-13) (Screen It! Review). From Wikipedia:

Batman Begins is a 2005 motion picture based on the Batman character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, directed by Christopher Nolan and written by Nolan and David S. Goyer. Although it is the fifth live-action Batman movie since 1989, the movie is a neither a prequel nor a sequel to the previous Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher movies, but rather a re-start of the movie franchise.

After hearing so many people tell me that this was good, I was more disappointed to see that it was unremarkable. I give it 3 out of 5.

Cradle Will Rock

cradle.GIFToday I finished watching Cradle Will Rock (1999,R) (Screen It! Review). From Wikipedia:

Cradle Will Rock chronicles the process and events that surrounded the production of the original 1937 musical by Marc Blitzstein. Tim Robbins, in his third film as director, adapts history to create this fictionalized account of the original production, bringing in other stories of the time to produce this commentary on the role of art and power in the 1930's. In telling the story of The Cradle Will Rock, a leftist labor musical that was sponsored by the Federal Theater Project (FTP), only to be banned from going on after the Works Progress Administration (WPA) cut the project and diverted its funds elsewhere, Robbins is able to tie in issues labor unrest, the repression of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, as well as questions the role and value of art in such a tumultuous time.

I give it 4 out of 5.

This is My Father

father.GIF Today I watched This is My Father (1999,R) (Screen It! Review). From

Starring: Aidan Quinn, Moya Farrelly
Director: Paul Quinn
Synopsis: The discovery of old photos leads a Chicago teacher to suspect his father may have been a different man than he was lead to believe while growing up. He travels to an Irish village with his nephew to investigate.

I enjoyed this one. 4 out of 5.


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