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First Day of 2nd Grade

Today was the first day of second grade.  My teacher's name is Mrs. Burtch.  We had recess 3 times today!  One in the morning, one at lunch time, and one in the afternoon.  For lunch I had a PB&J pack, tomatoes, and a Capri Sun.  Tomorrow is the second day of school!  Gnarly man!

Fantasy Football Draft

We had our fantasy football draft tonight.  The laptop Elliot was using wasn't functioning properly, so he had to make a quick switch to another laptop at the beginning of the draft (and in the mean time the automated system picked Willie Parker for him instead of the Tom Brady that he actually wanted for his first pick among the players still available).  Uncle Kevin then benefited by being given the chance to get Brady for himself.  Some might wonder if he had a hand in sabotaging Elliot's computer.  Elliot took it in stride, though, and was less stressed by the online draft than I was.  Here are a few pictures:





A few weeks back Elliot and some friends were making pamphlets.  Below is the one he made.  Apparently our neighbor's yard sign has made an impression.



Drawing Camp

Several weeks back Elliot attended a drawing camp at the center for the arts.  Here is some of his handiwork:


here is the city of Bikini Bottom from Spongebob Squarepants



I think this is snoopy and mickey mouse


here is Spongebob


Piano Finn

Both boys enjoy playing the piano and are going to take some lessons this summer.  Here's some footage of Finn playing one of his favorite tunes:

Here's another video of Finn playing some original compositions and Elliot playing harmonica:


Photos from Finn's 5th Birthday Party, Etc.

Here are some recent photos of Elliot at school, Elliot and Finn playing soccer, and Finn's birthday party.  More photos are on Picasa: link.














Something is Missing


Elliot's 7th Birthday

Friday night Elliot had a few friends from school over to celebrate his 7th birthday.  The main events were folding and flying some high-performance paper airplanes and "Webkinz football" which quickly devolved into 7-year-olds running wildly around the basement while throwing Webkinz at each other.

Here are some photos (more on Facebook and Picasa):









A Pot of Tea is Boiling

Last week my six-year-old asked me if there was ever a negative year.  I wasn't sure what he was asking.  He was wondering when the earth was made and if that was a negative year.  I explained that there were no negative years.  As you go back in time, you go from 1 A.D. to 1 B.C. and then keep counting upwards.  "So when was the world made?" he asked.  I had to wiggle a little but responded that we don't know exactly when the world was made.

Then today he asked, "Were Adam and Eve and the dinosaurs alive at the same time?"  I said that we don't really know because the Bible doesn't talk about dinosaurs.  Without any hesitation he suggested a solution to this lack of knowledge: "Just look it up on the internet."  I explained that scientists who study dinosaur fossils, etc. think that they lived millions of years ago.  "So that would be before Adam and Eve," he said.  I agreed and again emphasized the problem that the scientists who study dinosaurs can't really study anything about Adam and Eve and the Bible that tells us about Adam and Eve doesn't really address dinosaurs.  Then he said, "Wouldn't it be funny if they found Adam and Eve's bones?!?"

Both of those questions (year the earth was made and did dinosaurs live with Adam and Eve) were actually asked of Lisa, but her response is "Go ask you dad."

There's an interesting interview on Salon with John Haught, author of the forthcoming book "God and the New Atheism: A Critical Response to Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens".  He uses the metaphor of a boiling pot of tea to explain how he reconciles faith and science:

...I approach these issues by making a case for what I call "layered explanation." For example, if a pot of tea is boiling on the stove, and someone asks you why it's boiling, one answer is to say it's boiling because H2O molecules are moving around excitedly, making a transition from the liquid state to the gaseous state. And that's a very good answer. But you could also say it's boiling because my wife turned the gas on. Or you could say it's boiling because I want tea. Here you have three levels of explanation which are approaching phenomena from different points of view. This is how I see the relationship of theology to science. Of course I think theology is relevant to discussing the question, what is nature? What is the world? It would talk about it in terms of being a gift from the Creator, and having a promise built into it for the future. Science should not touch upon that level of understanding. But it doesn't contradict what evolutionary biology and the other sciences are telling us about nature. They're just different levels of understanding.

At the end of Haught's interview, he's asked whether or not as a Christian he believes the resurrection actually happened.  He doesn't give a straight answer.  Instead, he argues that science is not adequate for addressing questions of such importance.  When pushed, he admitted that he does not believe that a camera would have captured anything when Jesus visited his disciples after the resurrection.  That answer seems like one that would be unsatisfying to most Christians and atheists alike.

Haught is a big fan of Jesuit paleontologist named Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.  Coincidentally, I recently listened to a Science Friday segment featuring the author of a recent biography about Teilhard de Chardin.

Soccer and TKD

Elliot had a big day today.  He spent three hours this morning testing for his green belt.  Lisa said the board-breaking was a bit of a challenge for him...but so it was for the adult who was testing for the same belt too.  He made it to the soccer field just as the game started.  He played really well despite being tired and having almost nothing for lunch...running all over the field, scoring a goal and also playing some great defense.  Hardly any balls made it past mid-field on his watch.  Here are some photos:




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