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Four on Four Basketball

Here is some video of the Carpenter Street School Wildcats (2nd grade 4 on 4 basketball team).

Video from the 1st half:



Video from the 2nd half:



Video of Coach Herman's post-game pep talk:



Dear Journal January 20, 2009

Dear Journal, I went to my grandma's and grandpa's on Friday after school. When we got there I ran in with no shoes on and only socks. When I got in I ran downstairs and played with the nerf dart guns. We, me and my brother played with the guns for a while then we a dinner. Then my mom and dad left for Washington DC for the Inauguration. Me and my brother had ice cream. Then we watched a movie called "Dinosaur." Then we went to bed. The next morning we had breackfeast and played. After lunch we played more. After dinner we went outside and shoveled the snow. Then we came inside and took a bath and went to bed. On Sunday we got up and had breackfeast and went to church. After church we went to Red Lopster. I got my finger shut in the door it really hurt. In Red Lopster I had shrip. On our way out grandpa made a Lopster mad by fliping it over. For dinner we hade pizza. Coby and Coleman came in the morning. We played Coby all day. On Tuesday I watched the Inauguration. Barack Obama messed up on the oth of ofice.

4 on 4

This afternoon Elliot had his first game in the 4 on 4 basketball league at the community center.  He made 6 of his team's 7 baskets, and the game ended in a tie.  His mom wasn't too impressed with his field goal percentage, though.

Here are a couple of low quality videos.  He is # 2 in blue.




Elliot Breakdancing

Here is video of Elliot's version of breakdancing

Elliot Plays Rudolph

A few weeks back Elliot played several songs on piano at a crafts show at the Midland Center for the Arts. Here is Rudolph.



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