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First Day of School

Here are some photos of the boys from last month on the first day of school.




I Want to Give Him Ten Dollars

Yesterday we were sitting at a stoplight at the end of a highway exit ramp where a guy was holding a sign saying he was stranded and needed some money. My first urge was to look away from him. Lisa, who was driving, asked if I wanted to give him something. I said sure. I pulled out a $5 bill and Lisa handed it to him. Usually, I don't just hand out money but instead try to buy a person some food or whatever, but this occasion handing the money seemed to be the best option. As we sat longer at the stoplight, I noticed that Elliot was watching the man. We went on to Burger King. While in the restaurant, Elliot said something like "When we pass that man again, I want to give him $10." (Elliot had brought his wallet with him including the ~$100 of several years of birthday money that he has been saving and wants to spend on a Gameboy). Both Lisa and Elliot teared up at the time (and I am doing so right now). I'm really glad that we chose to give to that man and that Elliot got to see us do it.


Not Quite Right

There's something not quite in these three some backyard wildlife in the fourth. 20070526-131343.jpg

not quite right


not quite right


not quite right


backyard wildlife


Elliot Rides His Bike

Elliot learned to ride his bike yesterday. Tonight we celebrated this milestone and the last baseball game of the season with a trip to the ice cream parlor. Here's a video of him riding. Yes, it's June but still jacket weather in MI:


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