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Look Mom I'm Flying!!!!

This is another funny (kind of scary) story involving Finn. Elliot, Finn and I (Lisa) were headed out to take Elliot to his Tae Kwon Do practice. I had finally gotten the boys out of the house (a difficult task these days with all the snow gear). We stepped outside and noticed the garage door was still down so with the boys by my side I entered the code into the key pad to open the door. As the door was opening I took a few steps over to Elliot to help him zip his coat (I think) and I heard Finn calling "Look mom I'm flying"...... I didn't immediately look because I was preoccupied with whatever I was doing with Elliot. A split second later I heard a much more urgent cry "mom, mom, help". Thankfully I decided to turn and look to see Finn rising above the ground holding on to the handle on the garage door. In the split second it took me to take the 2 steps to his rescue he was just about to reach the top of the opening......I had to quickly grab him by his legs to get him down before he was gobbled up. Why the door didn't stop lifting when it felt his weight, I do not know. All I know is we are very blessed he didn't get hurt! Still shaken up on the way to Tae Kwon Do, I lectured both boys on how dangerous that was and how we were very lucky we weren't heading to the hospital right now because Finn would have really gotten hurt falling from such a great height. Finn promptly replied, "Don't worry mom, I would have landed on my feet."

Mom, how do you spell PLEASE?

We have the desktop computer in the office set up to require a password before going to the main screen. Both boys can navigate to their favorite sites with ease once on the main screen, so we have set the password up to make sure they ask permission before hopping on the internet......Anyway, I (Lisa) was in the basement the other day and I heard Finn calling down to me, "mom, how do you spell PLEASE?" I didn't think I heard him correctly so I asked him to repeat. He yelled louder, "how do you spell PLEASE?" The requests for spelling a word usually comes from the resident kindergardener not the 3 year old, so curious to see what he was doing, I headed up the stairs. As I got to the top of the steps I saw him sitting at the computer. I asked him, "why do you need to know how to spell PLEASE?" He replied that he wanted to play computer and needed to type in the password :)

Uncle Bud

My (Lisa's) great-uncle Bud passed away on August 11th. He was 85 years old. He died from what seems to have been a heart attack that caused him to take a severe fall in a parking lot. The time that lapsed between the attack and when paramedics were able to revive him was so great that it led to brain damage. He never woke up. Uncle Bud knew Jesus as his Savior so we are very happy for him that he has joined his beloved wife, my great-aunt Vera, in peace with their Creator. Though never having any children, Vera and Bud truly did have a special marriage. At Bud's house, my mother found an large envelope of letters and love notes that Aunt Vera would leave around the house for Bud. Some of the simply cute ones say things like, "I love you dear, Thanks for taking me to dinner last night" and "Honey I love you....please take down the meat from the freezer." They had been married for 48 years when Aunt Vera died unexpectedly from a complication after a heart procedure in 1989. Before the heart procedure she gave Bud a letter in a sealed envelope and told him only to open it if she died. Inside she had written her wishes for her funeral arrangements and ended the note with "Thankyou for the wonderful 48 years, I'll be waiting for you in heaven". When she died, I can remember my uncle saying "I never ever thought I'd be the one left alone" since he had been the one with all the health problems. So now I smile to think about my aunt saying to him "What took you so long!"



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