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Our Family

Elementary Track Meet 2011

Last Wednesday Elliot participated in the city-wide elementary track meet at Midland Stadium, competing against kids from 8 other schools.  He participated in the softball throw and 800 m run and was an alternate for the 400 m relay.  He finished 6th in the city in the softball throw (I didn’t realize that pink is the official color for 6th-place ribbons).  That was an unexpected surprise to me since it’s been several years since he has played baseball.  One of his buddies finished just ahead of him (4th ?), and a bunch of his buddies represented Carpenter really well in the various running events (winning or finishing in the top few).


New Member of the Family

Introducing the new member of the family…Willow Pepper Moore:



Animal Fair

On Friday the animal fair was held at Carpenter, and Finn was the resident expert on howler monkeys.  Here are a couple photos of the monkeys that Lisa took:



Youth Honors Singers Spring Concert 2011

Video of Elliot’s choral performance from last week:

Howler Monkeys

Finn has been investigating howler monkeys at school and recently built a visual display with his mom’s help.  Here are some photos.  I’ll let you guess which one is the monkey.





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