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Decorating the Tree 2009

Here are some photos and a video from mid-December including decorating the Christmas tree:

20091216-172359 20091216-172922 20091216-172954 20091216-173142 20091216-17384320091219-173421 20091219-173410 20091219-150519 20091219-150528

more photos here: link

also on YouTube

Carpenter School Community Sing-Along 2009

Carpenter School had their community sing-along on December 22.  Here are some photos and videos.  Finn’s group (1st grade) is in the first video, and Elliot’s (3rd grade) is in the second.

20091222-131903 20091222-131858

also on YouTube

also on YouTube

also on YouTube

also on YouTube

also on YouTube

Youth Honors Singers Concert Dec. 19, 2009

Elliot’s first concert with the Youth Honors Singers was Saturday afternoon.  Here are some photos and a couple videos.

20091219-114445-1 20091219-114435-1   20091219-154207




Also on YouTube

Also on YouTube

MCC’s 90th Birthday

Back in June the Midland Community Center (MCC) celebrated it’s 90th birthday with a bunch of kids activities, and we attended…and were interviewed for the newspaper (link):

MCC opened in 1919 on Townsend Street in downtown Midland. Amenities included a bowling alley, a meeting space for community organizations and an outdoor court. Swimming lessons were held in the Tittabawassee River.

“The kids were impressed by that,” said Jonathan Moore. He was at the celebration with his wife, Lisa, and two sons, Elliot, 8, and Finn, 6.

“We’ve come quite a ways from that,” Heye replied.

Moore said his family has a membership at MCC, and enjoys such activities as basketball and racquetball. Finn was jumping around in the bounce house, while Elliot made it clear what is his favorite center activity.

“Swimming!” he said.

Here are some photos and a video of Elliot competing in the basketball shooting contest (if I remember correctly, he tied for the high score in one of his tries but it obviously wasn’t this one):

20090627-144649 20090627-145906 20090627-145926 20090627-145959 20090627-151221 20090627-151533

Midland 26 Lapeer West 20

Friday night the boys and I went to Midland’s 2nd playoff game (district championship).  It was very similar to last week: early 13-0 lead, other team fights back to tie it up or take a small lead, but Midland eventually prevailed (link) while being aided in a big way by the opponent’s penalties.

Here are a few photos:

20091106-202449 20091106-213659 20091106-213757

Lions vs. Rams 2009

My buddy Madan is a Rams fan (he went to grad school in St. Louis), so we went together to the game Sunday at Ford Field.  It was expected to be an epic battle between the 1-5 Lions (coming after their historic 0-16 season) and the 0-7 Rams (loser of 17 straight games).  I was just hoping it would be a close game and that my Fantasy peeps would perform well (Kevin Smith and the Lions special teams/defense, the latter a bye-week pick-up chosen intentionally to help me care about the game).  The game lived down to expectations as it was 3-2 Rams late in the first half.  That’s when the first excitement came as the Rams scored a TD on fake field-goal and I got to see Madan get excited.  The Rams ended up winning (link) and celebrated breaking their losing streak by dumping ice water on the coach (pretty sad when a win over the Lions is a cause for celebration).  Also, my streak of consecutive weeks attending an NFL game was extended to 2 but is destined to end there.  Here are a few photos:

20091101-112636 20091101-112740 20091101-114152 20091101-134018

Halloween 2009

The Wanous family came over on Saturday to go Trick-or-Treating with us.  Here are a few photos:

20091031-145811 20091031-150349 20091031-150419 20091031-150450 20091031-165308 20091031-165411 20091031-165632


Youth Honors Choral Program

Previously I mentioned how I felt (link) about Elliot trying out for the Youth Honors Choral Program (link) .

When he received notification about the result of the audition, he left me this voice mail:

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Steelers 27 Vikings 17

Last weekend was our second-annual pilgrimage to Pittsburgh for a Steelers game.  Lisa didn’t go this time because her back could do without the hours in the car, so her dad took her place.  We drove over on Saturday, arriving in the late afternoon.  We listened to the Vol/Crimson Tide game (link) on XM during the drive and then watched the disappointing ending at the hotel.  We stayed at the SpringHill Suites Pittsburgh North Shore.  It’s a nice hotel (the boys loved it because there was a Jacuzzi in the room), but you’re paying the big bucks for its location right down the street from the stadium.  Last year (link) we also stayed downtown but on the other side of the river.  I think we’ll probably save some cash and stay outside down during any future visits.  We had dinner in the hotel, the boys went swimming, and then we followed the Michigan St./Iowa game (and its disappointing ending, link) on the web while watching Mythbusters.

Sunday morning we ate breakfast, checked out of the hotel, moved the car to a public lot, and then walked to the stadium.  Here are a few photos:


20091025-071129 the boys jump in a bouncy house

20091025-071137 the boys jump in a bouncy house

20091025-071724 Elliot throws at a target

20091025-071938 running through the defense

20091025-071953 running through the defense

20091025-072259 grandpa throws at a target




The Steelers/Vikings game was a much better one (link) than the one we saw last year (meaningless game vs. the Browns, most notable event was the several minutes Ben spent on the turf before being removed on a stretcher).  It was a low-scoring affair until the amazing 4th quarter which featured a fumble recovery returned for a TD by the Steelers followed immediately by a kick-return TD by the Vikings followed a few minutes later by a pick-6 by the Steelers that sealed the victory.  The weather was beautiful (no clouds and warm, our necks and faces were sunburned).  After the game we walked back to the car and then hit the road back to MI.  Here are some more photos:























Midland 14 Dow 0

 20091023-195021 20091023-203507 20091023-203609 20091023-210601

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