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Carpenter Basketball from 17 Mar 2009

Here some video of the Carpenter boys from a week ago.

1st Half:

2nd Half: (Including Ethan hitting a lay-up from his knees at the 2:37 point)


The word around the league is that after finishing the season with two wins filling in as head coach, Tony will be looking for a new contract and a big pay bump next season...or a head coaching job elsewhere. ;-)

Four on Four Basketball

Here is some video of the Carpenter Street School Wildcats (2nd grade 4 on 4 basketball team).

Video from the 1st half:



Video from the 2nd half:



Video of Coach Herman's post-game pep talk:



Super Bowl Party 2009

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 folks showed up for the Super Bowl party Sunday night…friends from the neighborhood and church.  With our Steelers on the verge of a 6th Super Bowl win, we were obviously very excited.  Most folks hung out until halftime, and the Winters stayed with us until the end of the 3rd Q.  By the middle of the 4th, it was just the three boys watching as the Cardinals took the lead while Lisa cleaned up upstairs.  She came back down and heard the bad news…and then we watched the Steelers pull out the victory together.  Here are some photos:20090201-190153










4 on 4

This afternoon Elliot had his first game in the 4 on 4 basketball league at the community center.  He made 6 of his team's 7 baskets, and the game ended in a tie.  His mom wasn't too impressed with his field goal percentage, though.

Here are a couple of low quality videos.  He is # 2 in blue.





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