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Fantasy Football Draft

We had our fantasy football draft tonight.  The laptop Elliot was using wasn't functioning properly, so he had to make a quick switch to another laptop at the beginning of the draft (and in the mean time the automated system picked Willie Parker for him instead of the Tom Brady that he actually wanted for his first pick among the players still available).  Uncle Kevin then benefited by being given the chance to get Brady for himself.  Some might wonder if he had a hand in sabotaging Elliot's computer.  Elliot took it in stride, though, and was less stressed by the online draft than I was.  Here are a few pictures:




Sunday Afternoon Baseball

Last Sunday afternoon we went over to our friends' house and played a little baseball in the yard.  Here are a few photos and a video.  Watch the video closely for an amazing circus catch made by the pitcher and to see how Finn smacks the ball on the first swing.






State Football Finals

Friday we went to Ford Field in downtown Detroit to watch Midland play Detroit Martin Luther King in the division 2 state finals.  The news story is here.

We weren't expecting much ahead of time when we saw the size of the Crusader's team.  We were pleasantly surprised when Midland took a 14-0 lead and played quite well in the first half.  They eventually led 21-7 before everything fell apart.  A couple interceptions returned for touchdowns and the Chemics' inability to stop the Crusaders led to a 47-21 final that conformed to our expectations much more than the first half did.  The state finals is always a big deal, but this was especially so because it was the first time a team from the Detroit Public School League won the state title.

Here is some video


and some photos









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Busy Saturday

We had a busy day last Saturday.  It started with Elliot's basketball class at 9 AM.  Then we skipped Finn's basketball class to go to the Santa Parade. 




We left that early, without seeing Santa, to drive to Lansing to watch Midland play in the high school football semifinals.  It was a great game, probably best football game that I've ever seen in person.  He are some video highlights, but they end before it really got good.



Here is a link to a story and some photos.

Midland came back from a 28-7 deficit to take a 31-28 lead with about 5 minutes left.  Midland held Lowell to a 3 and out and took over on the Lowell side of the field after a short punt.  They drove down to about the 10 but turned the ball over on downs with a minute and a half or two minutes left.  Lowell then drove the length of the field before being stopped inside the one with no timeouts and about 20 seconds left.  Instead of rushing a quarterback sneak or hand-off, Lowell's quarter back spiked the ball to stop the clock.  Fortunately for Midland, he had lost track of downs.  It was fourth down and the spike turned the ball over to Midland.  A quarterback sneak ran off the final 6 seconds, and Midland is headed for the division 2 finals on Friday.




After the game, we drove back to Midland for a meeting at church to talk about ways that the church can better minister to its families.  We finished off the evening with some pizza from Papa Johns.

High School Football Playoffs

Last night Lisa went to a wedding shower, and us boys went to the second round playoff game between Midland and Bay City Central.  We arrived just before half-time with Midland up 17-6.  We left with about 5 minutes left in the game with Midland up 48-6.  Turnovers and big plays.





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