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Detroit (Half) Marathon 2009

Last Sunday I ran a half marathon in Detroit for the second time.  I hadn’t trained as much this year and had put on a few extra pounds, so I wasn’t expecting to improve on last year’s snail’s pace.  I was slower and ended up in the bottom 5 % of my age group.  At least improving next year shouldn’t be too hard.

Here’s a collection of video clips (the shaking sound while I’m running is the bag of M&Ms in my pocket that I eventually lost at some point):

And here are some photos:

20091018-005128 waiting for the start

20091018-005138 waiting for the start

20091018-013258 onto the Ambassador Bridge…a nice view as the sun was rising

20091018-014243 off of the Ambassador Bridge

20091018-022755 in the tunnel

20091018-032010 not sure what this guy was doing

20091018-034339 in sight of the finish

20091018-035202 afterwards


I saw that Mr. Incredible guy twice -- at around mile 12 and again near mile 19. I told my sister, "Mr. Incredible has really let himself go..."

Lower 5% ....whever.... I'm still proud of you. That's something I'll never do. I think it's great that you did it period!

I meant whatever

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