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From the Tumblelog September 12-18, 2010

Sep 18

twittericon@mike_the_eyeguy I'm in NC this weekend too. Winston-Salem for 20-year high school reunion.

Sep 17


    newsPaper to Readers: Sorry for Portraying Muslims as Human

    Sep 16


      newsBeck’s Black Robe Brigade (by John Fea)

      newsObama is not an atheist

      newsSentients want to know...

      newsThis Is How a Heavy Storm Looks Inside a Cruise Liner

      Sep 15


        newsRepublicans Reap The Whirlwind

        twittericonRT @ThePlumLineGS: Deep thought on O'Donnell's victory: Once you let the crazy out of the bottle, it's awful hard to put it back in again...

        twittericonRT @ezraklein: Nothing Obama has passed or proposed adds as much to the deficit as the GOP's $3.9 tril extension of the Bush tax cuts.


          Sep 13

          twittericonRT @davidfrum: More Kenyan socialism: corp profits increased 39.5% since Dec 2008, fastest profit increase in history


            newsGingrich: Obama Wants Whitey’s Money

            twittericonRT @feliciaday: Um, BAITED BREATHE: RT: @georgeruiz HBO releases 2 teasers for "Game of Thrones". Looks perfect:

            twittericonRT @texasinafrica: I read Newt Gingrich's dissertation on Belgian colonialism. The man loved colonialism. None of this should be a surprise.


            newsOp-Ed Columnist: Is This America?

            Sep 12


              newsThe Associated Press: US poverty on track to post record gain in 2009


              From the Tumblelog September 5-11, 2010

              Sep 11

              twittericonI sat down to watch the Vols, but instead I'm watching the Commodores. FAIL! ;-) (no offense, Commodores)

              newsGood religion, bad religion

              newsRemembering 9/11 in a Radical New Way

              Sep 9

              newsRepublican Voinovich of Ohio to back small-business incentives in Senate bill

              newsFired Up

              newsMy Take: Imam Rauf is Not a Moderate

              newsCritics Still Wrong on What’s Driving Deficits in Coming Years — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

              newsObama, deficits and 'the ditch'

              Sep 8

              twittericonRT @brotherhoodnews: Polishing the Pulpit fills brotherhood needs - // seminar name double entendre FTW!

              Sep 7

              newsNYT Bemoans Republican's Fake Candidates, Ignored Nearly Identical Democratic Ploy

              newsRepublican Runs Street People on Green Ticket

              newsThe president refuses to stand up for immigration, gay rights, and religious freedom.

              twittericonOn page 90 of 1060 of A Feast for Crows, by George R.R. Martin

              Sep 5

              twittericonroasting marshmallows on the last Sunday night before school starts



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