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From The Tumblelog Last Week

Sat Nov 24


Jonathan is glad that the Vols survived.

Former Chess Champion Garry Kasparov Beaten And Jailed For Leading Anti-Putin Rally

Adding to Scripture

Fri Nov 23

Jonathan is adjusting the final score to 47 to 21.

Jonathan is watching Midland lose 41 to 21.

Jonathan is at Ford Field in Detroit...1Q...Midland 14 Detroit 0.

Wed Nov 21

Bison Upset Falls Just Short Against Purdue

Tue Nov 20

Films - Jesus as an action hero?

Race, genes, and intelligence.

Facebook Removing “Is” From Status Updates?

Mon Nov 19

What do Reader and Heroes have in common?

Sun Nov 18

Does Death Penalty Save Lives? A New Debate


Last Week from the Tumblelog


Sat Nov 10

UT's defense has a pig roast

Fri Nov 9

News: Polvo Reunite for All Tomorrow's Parties

Jonathan is sitting on the runway in Salt Lake problems...Northwest stinks!

Sun Nov 4

Jonathan is noticing that professors fly first class.



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