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From the Tumblelog April 12-18, 2009

Apr 18

twittericonlunch at Zingerman’s then back to the museum

twittericonAnn Arbor Hands-On Museum

Apr 17

» We Are Now Indonesia

twittericonintermission at Erelli concert. The 25 or so in attendance are getting a good show.

twittericonOlga’s Kitchen in Ann Arbor

Apr 16

» U.S. Stymied as Guns Flow to Mexican Cartels

» Video Prank at Domino’s Taints Brand

» Scarborough ignores Bush FBI report to claim Obama administration stoking fear

» Obtained: Federal Agency’s Memo Warning Of “Left Wing Extremists”

» Elvis Perkins: Hopeful And Melancholy

» The Wire Bible

» Economy and Community

» Joe the Plumber at Michigan Tea Party: Saying ‘In God We Trust’ Will Get You Shot In Some Places

» The Tea Parties

» Of Course It's Only Based on a Couple Data Points - Tom Toles

Apr 15

» Glenn Harlan Reynolds: Tax Day Becomes Protest Day

» Protest stops Tancredo's UNC speech - Immigration - News & Observer

» Harold Meyerson - Revolutionary Rush -

» Anti-Obama Taxpayer Tea Parties steeped in insanity - Los Angeles Times

» Tax Tea Party Time? -

» Conservative hypocrisy about Obama's proposal to limit charitable tax deductions for the rich.

» Speakers whistle and boo as public hearing on Consumers Energy coal plant turns nasty - Bay City News - The Latest News, Blogs, Photos & Videos –

» Tax Day Tea Party

» Bill Callahan In-Store - Pittsburgh City Paper

» Religious Right Backs the Tea Parties

» Bill Callahan Does "Rococo Zephyr," "Faith/Void" In A Record Store - Video - Stereogum

» Obama+Notre Dame= Loud controversy!; Obama+Georgetown=Crickets chirping in silence

Apr 14

» Media Having Trouble Finding Right Angle On Obama's Double-Homicide | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

» Will Oldham: The 'Prince' Of Kentucky

Apr 13

» Gray: Obama, please take a bow

» Michigan considers changing teacher licensing rules | | Detroit Free Press

» Mission From Africa

Apr 12

» A Career in Community Organizing Becomes an Enviable Option -


From the Tumblelog April 5-11, 2009

Apr 11

» Communication depends entirely on the Web - THE WEEK

» [ReligionProf]Joss Whedon Accepts Award, Drops Dollhouse Hints, Names Winner Of Buffy/River Fight [Joss Whedon] | from "io9"

» The Week’s guide to what’s worth watching

twittericonreading Outcasts United

Apr 09

» Off The Top Of The Backboard, Into The Rafters, Off The Heating Duct, Down A Suspension Wire...Nothing But Net [Duan!]

» How Much Americans Actually Pay in Taxes

» Commentary: Liking Obama, opposing his White House -

twittericonLost + stationary bike

Apr 08

» Hail to the Boss!

» With Online Tools, Lost-and-Found Gets an Upgrade -

» Bush Was Friendly to Muslims, Too: the Obama Team's Response

Apr 07

» Words I never thought I'd hear from a Secretary of Defense

» Obama's "Christian Nation" Comments & the Myth of the Judeo-Christian Heritage

» Robert Gates follows through on his promises to reform the Pentagon.

» Still Haunted

» What interview questions did D.E. Shaw ask Larry Summers?

» Referee Fail

twittericonguess there’s no need to stay up late after all

Apr 06

» Obama Team Divided Over Release of Torture Memos | Newsweek Politics |

» Dept. of partisanship

» Pew Official Disputes Right-Wing Claim That Poll Proves Obama Is “Polarizing”

» Why Didn't Ashcroft-the-Christian Stop The Torture?

» A Budget Deficit - Obama's big-government plan and the GOP's uninspiring alternative. by Matthew Continetti

» Pilot and Tech Support

» The Brody File | Exclusive: Dungy's Role on Obama's Faith-Based Council


From the Tumblelog March 29 - April 4, 2009

Apr 04

» The Week’s guide to what’s worth watching

» Pistons: Allen Iverson's done for season

» Movies on TV this week

twittericonwatching the season finale of Damages and getting on the treadmill. expecting to cough my head off.

twittericonwhen it comes to international relations, why do some folks think it’s insulting to show a little humility and not pretend to be perfect

twittericoncold has extinguished all sense of taste. convenient for mall dinner.

twittericongetting my mall food court on

Apr 03

» My Fear of the South - Oxford

» Obama, Race and What We're Not Talking About

twittericonNot sure I've ever paid attention to this Clapton song before: “Let it grow.” Seems kind of lame.

Apr 02

» The Cato Institute: "There has been no net global warming for over a decade now"

» Why does Star Wars still take over the minds of small boys?



» Educating George Will


Apr 01

» Stealing Music: Is It Wrong Or Isn’t It?

» Video: Rush Limbaugh to Speak at Sojourners’ Mobilization to End Poverty

» We’re Related Pranks Users Into Believing Barack Obama Is A Cousin

» Why the Democrats Can't Govern - Jonathan Chait - The New Republic

» Obama, Nascar In April Fools Prank "Gone Too Far"

» Swearing off modern conveniences, and more

twittericonso that’s all it took get the Twitter->FB status working again? me posting a tweet about double entendres, thinking it wouldn’t appear on FB

twittericonexamples of words forever ruined by use in sex talk: christen, hummer, package. Prez’ package is off limits NPR! Esp. if stimulus involved!

Mar 31

» Obama's promise of post-partisanship is almost completely gone. - By John Dickerson - Slate Magazine

» Paul Ingrassia: Wagoner Had to Go

» Dems looking for God landed GOP's Ahmanson

» welcome home jonah

twittericonNot watching No. 1 anymore because Lisa is watching the school board working session online

twittericonwatching The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

Mar 30

» Huffington Post Launches Investigative Journalism Venture

» The Myth of a Christian Religion

» Big cutbacks announced at Midland Center for the Arts

Mar 29

» Does The Church Have It Backwards?

» Take Away Restaurant Fail

» Confessions of an Evolutionary Biologist :: Daniel K. Brannan :: Global Spiral

» Petraeus Rejects Cheney Comments, Says US No Less Safe Under Obama (VIDEO)

» The Week’s guide to what’s worth watching

» Show of the week: Explorer: Inside Guantánamo

» Detainee's Harsh Treatment Foiled No Plots -

» Join Sen. Webb’s Campaign for Criminal Justice/Prison Reform

twittericonuncle. I’m ready to start feeling better.


From the Tumblelog March 22-28, 2009

Mar 28

» Mythical defense cuts

» Robert Reich: Obamanomics Isn't About Big Government

» Barack Obama's learning curve | Learning the hard way | The Economist

» The Worst Neutral Milk Hotel Cover Of All Time, And That's Sayin' Something

» Major Anti-War Groups Staying Quiet About (Or Supporting) Obama’s Afghan Escalation

twittericonfriendly older gentleman honked, had me roll down my window, and told me that my yawn probably means I’m not getting enough sleep at night

twittericontaking Finn to urgent care for earache

twittericonapproaching 4 days later and I’m still wiped out by some sort of illness

twittericonFinn said "Want to know why I wish I was the son of God? Because I could use the force and make a light saber."

twittericonI said "We’re all children of God." Finn said "You’re a grown-up of God."

Mar 27

» Teleprompters, Persistence and A Defense of AIG FP :: Swampland -

» The Real Story of How AmeriCorps Became Bipartisan

» The Quiet Coup - The Atlantic (May 2009)

» Kevn Kinney: Pre-Approved Pre-Denied

» Dallas Police Officer Makes Death Even Worse

» Hannity Provides Falsehoods To Support His False Definition Of Socialism

» "Friday Night Lights" To Be Renewed, Minus Two Ladies

» Michael Gerson - Obama Speeches Gain From Teleprompter -

» Dan Auerbach: A Black Key Plays Solo

» The crisis -- and Geithner plan -- explained

twittericonAin’t nothing more conservative than ridiculing energy conservation, right?

Mar 26

» Facebook Video Embed Service: Interrupted or Worse

» The Poping Of Newt

Mar 25

» New Conservative/Progressive Dialogue to Begin Soon

» Former CNN Anchor Moves to The Onion

» Tony Campolo: I'm the Older Brother

» Isn't Honesty a Catholic Value?

» is the latest, greatest mp3 playlist site

twittericonFinn was sick Sat to Mon. He’s better (except for the cough), but now I’m feeling it.

Mar 24

» Saginaw, Bay City, Flint newspapers to cut to three days weekly starting June 1; Ann Arbor News to close

» Congress and the generous AIG bonuses

twittericonat lunch today I saw a guy with a big cock and balls tattoo on the side of his neck. presumably a prank victim.

Mar 23

» John Mellencamp: On My Mind: The State of the Music Business

» Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis Declares Moral Outrage Over an Action He Performed

» How Much Water do you Really Use?

» Saginaw, Bay City, Flint newspapers to cut to three days weekly starting June 1; Ann Arbor News to close

Mar 22

» In Bernie Goldberg's world, even the dictionaries have a liberal bias

» Red State Socialism and the Politics of the Stimulus

twittericonMeeting the Bridges water park in Frankenmuth today to celebrate Elliot’s birthday



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