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From the Tumblelog April 25-May 1, 2010

May 01

newsgoodbye good man

twittericon3 to 3 tie vs. Hartland…which was good because the same team whipped them last week

newsObama's Commencement Address at the University of Michigan

twittericonlacrosse in Howell

Apr 30

newsDoes God Have a Specific Plan for Your Life? Probably Not.

newsNational Journal Magazine - Do "Family Values" Weaken Families?

newson what it means to be invisible, from the other side of the racial divide

newsRELEVANT Magazine - The Life and Faith of "Chuck" Star Zac Levi

newsExperiencing Science

newsThe Mudpuppy says 'That's All, Folks'

newsImmigration law mysteries

newsFrankenmuth United Methodist Church says Sunday is "A Beautiful Day" for a U2charist

newsGame over: UN elects Iran to its commission on … women’s rights

Apr 29

newsSearching and replacing Job's Flash statement

newsChristianism vs Christianity

newsNot All Role Models Need Be Positive

twittericonFunny how many actors in 1st episode of Happy Town are recognizable from other series…Lost, The Wire, 2 from October Road, Dollhouse

Apr 28

twittericonDo I want 2 install a new version of iTunes? must restart 2 finish installing? I think I’ll leave it off when I re-stage this computer.

Apr 27

newsWhy Carrying an Extra 10 Pounds Might Not Hurt -

Apr 26

newsFlashback: Lindsey Graham Told Obama He Wanted Immigration Reform To Move This Year

newsYou wouldn't like Harry Reid when he's canny

newsThat Lost 4G Phone

newsYou wouldn't like Lindsey Graham when he's angry

Apr 25

twittericonI plan to ride in MS 150 again this year for the National MS Society. It will be my 13th. To sponsor me:

twittericonLisa and the boys are reading “The Brothers Kennedy: John, Robert, Edward”

twittericonfriends’ church’s minister’s son is Jon Acuff (Stuff Christians Like), who spoke there last week. funny speaker:

newsDoes Donald Miller want to be your friend?


From the Tumblelog March 28 - April 3, 2010



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