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From the Tumblelog March 21-27, 2010

Mar 26

newsChloe Sevigny says last season of Big Love was ‘awful’

twittericonI said it’s great to be a Tennessee Vol

twittericonthat didn’t last long

twittericonup by five!

newsThe latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

newsMedia falsely claim Obama and staff are "exempt" from health care reform

newsCongress Calls on Christians to Reverse “Fight Club” Mentality of National Politics

newsThe Republicans Who Made Health Care Reform Possible

Mar 25

news$100,000 spills from armored car; passers-by pocket most of it so far | The Columbus Dispatch

newsThe Road to Montellano Leads Straight Through My Heart

Mar 24

newsWyden: Health Care Lawsuits Moot, States Can Opt Out Of Mandate

newsWe have something to fear from fear-mongering itself

newsThe risk of health-care reform

newsAn attack on inequality

Mar 23

newsdon't be hatin'

twittericonhmmm. according to this, it kinda seems like Obamacare takes away our freedom to be a d-bag. bravo.

newsThe Fourth Branch

This is response to the numerous critics who have suggested that the Democrats were somehow unethical, anti-democratic or even tyrannical to enact their health care policy at a time when it polls…

newsRepublicans might reform health-care reform, but they won't repeal it

twittericonRT @TimothyArcher: National anthem splits Indiana’s Goshen College -

Mar 22

twittericonI’m an eye-witness that it’s not always sunny in Philadelphia

Mar 21


twittericonRT @ezraklein: The GOP’s argument on the bill is 1) it’s socialism and 2) it cuts Medicare too much? So, too socialist and not socialist …

twittericonFinn says - If someone crashes a car on purpose, it’s not a car accident. It’s a car on-purpose.

twittericonRT @ezraklein: Shame that the Sunday shows invite Rove and Plouffe as opposed to people who actually know about, and can explain, the he ...

newsWhy I Support Health Care Reform: A Personal and Theological Journey

newsHouse, Bart Stupak reach abortion agreement - David Rogers and Patrick O'Connor and Jonathan Allen -

newsWho does health-care reform help?


From the Tumblelog March 14-20, 2010

March 20

newsGlenn Beck's Christian America is Hardly Christian

newsWhy Conservative Christians So Often Fail the Common Good (Part 2)

twittericonFinn says - If someone crashes a car on purpose, it's not a car accident. It's a car on-purpose.

March 19 

twittericonat Elliot's lacrosse practice

twittericonfirst time I've seen this: Websense corporate firewall blocks a website for being in the category "Pro-Life"

March 18

newsStudy Links Religion and Racism

newsCutting spending and raising taxes won't save us


newsCBO: Health-care reform bill cuts deficit by $1.3 trillion over 20 years, covers 95%

March 17

newsBipartisan processes that don't lead to bipartisan votes

March 16

newsna: subpop



Long time coming, eh? We couldn’t be more excited to welcome the legendary SubPop label to eMusic. With a label like this, it’s hard to know where to start: do you dive back to the pre-grunge ’80s for classics by Green River? The post-grunge ’90s for groundbreaking work by Sebadoh and Seaweed? Or do you start with the present, with bands like Iron & Wine and The Thermals, and move backward? The great thing about SubPop is there really is no wrong way to go about it. The label is so loaded with classics that almost any place you dive in is the perfect starting point.

newsRight-wing media attack "Slaughter solution" as unprecedented, but GOP "set new records" for its use

March 15

newsHey, Mr. Falwell, Read Your Bible

March 14

newsOp-Ed Columnist - What Obama Stands For -

newsBob Shallit: IRS visits Sacramento carwash in pursuit of 4 cents - Sacramento Business, Housing Market News | Sacramento Bee


From the Tumblelog March 7-13, 2010

Mar 13


twittericonJustin Roberts concert at The Ark in Ann Arbor for Elliot’s birthday

newsUniversal health care tends to cut the abortion rate

Mar 12

newsDonahue defends Beck, but who's the "phony"?

Mar 11

newsHow Progressive Are Our Taxes? « Consider the Evidence

newsJon Stewart' Extended Interview with Marc Thiessen

newsWater Consumption and Olympic Hockey

Mar 10

news@Donmilleris on campus

Mar 09

newsIn U.S., 45% Favor, 48% Oppose Obama Healthcare Plan

newsDetroit looks at downsizing to save city - Washington Times

newsUPDATING OUR POLITICAL DICTIONARIES - Political Animal - Steve Benen - The Washington Monthly

twittericonone of the best things about “Men of a Certain Age” is that it’s not only about beautiful people.

newsYouTube - WVLT Reporter Gordon Boyd Loses It

newsClark to stay in Pittsburgh, Randle El may return



newsSarah Palin sees eye-to-eye with Albertans in Calgary speech - The Globe and Mail


Mar 08

newsWhat the right is reading

To understand why the debate over health-care reform has become so toxic and nuts, I think it’s important to understand how insane the commentary in the right-wing press has become.

newsWords matter

newsChurch Goes to Court for Feeding the Homeless

newsRichard T. Hughes: Why Conservative Christians So Often Fail the Common Good (Part I)

Why do so many evangelical and fundamentalist Christians so often disregard two requirements that are central to the bible and to the teachings of Jesus: peacemaking and justice for the poor?

newsMan Points

newsYour procedural workarounds in charts

This is the best chart summarizing the history of the reconciliation process. That would be true, I think, even if there were other charts summarizing the history of the reconciliation process….

twittericonAmazon MP3’s Daily Deal for 2010-03-08 - David Bazan’s “Curse Your Branches” $2.99


From the Tumblelog for February 28 - March 6, 2010

Mar 06

twittericonElliot is Saturday night UNO champ.

newsSorry, Bart Stupak -- the feds already subsidize abortion

By Matt Miller Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak (D) threatened Thursday to block health care reform (again) because it might allow federal money to subsidize abortion. Which has Democratic leaders cooking…

newsExercise or Not, Sitting at a Desk All Day Is Bad for You [Health]: We've been proponents of standing des...

Mar 05

newsZero Nutritional Difference Between Campbell's "Healthy" Tomato Soups And Regular, Just Higher Price

A new ABC7 investigation shows Campbell’s “Healthy Request” and “Low Sodium” tomato soups contain the same nutrients and exact same amount of sodium as regular tomato soups, but they cost more….

newsAn authoritative analysis of the Senate health care bill's abortion policy

Given the wide range of dubious claims circulating in the media regarding abortion and health care reform, independent analysis is necessary. Fortunately, a leading expert on health policy and law…

Mar 04

newsThe Senate bill doesn't fund abortions. Here's why Stupak thinks it does.

A central puzzle of the health reform debate is why Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., keeps saying that the Senate-passed bill allows taxpayer dollars to be spent on abortions. The U.S. Conference of…

newsObama and Romney say the same thing about health care reform. - By Timothy Noah - Slate Magazine

President Barack Obama just gave a speech. Mitt Romney, his likeliest 2012 challenger, just published a book. The speech was about health care reform. So was a chapter in Romney’s book. As…

Mar 03

newsThe entitlements no one is talking about

Here is an article I just published in The Fiscal Times, prompted in part by Leonard Burman’s work, on the staggering size and automatic growth of “tax expenditures” — tax breaks, for us…

newsDear Yann…Love, Barack

newsMy Constituents Care Way More About Political Gamesmanship Than Jobs, Health Care, And The Economy | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

It is my responsibility as an elected official to look out for the people back home, the voters who sent me to Washington. So, after 20 years…

Mar 02

news[video] Obama Caught Lip-Syncing Speech

After Obama slips up during an address on health care, White House officials are forced to admit the president occasionally uses a backing track for important speeches.

Mar 01

newsNewt Gingrich and standards of evidence

newsPaul Ryan and the true cost of health-care reform

After the Blair House Summit, a bunch of you e-mailed to ask what I thought of Rep. Paul Ryan’s argument that the bill “does not control costs” and it “does not reduce deficits.” There’s a…

newsCoffee Party activists say their civic brew's a tastier choice than Tea Party's -

Furious at the tempest over the Tea Party — the scattershot citizen uprising against big government and wild spending — Annabel Park did what any American does when she feels her voice has been…

newsOp-Ed Columnist: Learning From the Sin of Sodom

A growing number of conservative Christians are acknowledging that to be “pro-life” must mean more than opposing abortion.

twittericon RT @adamellis: Free audiobook: The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer…Coupon Code MAR2010

twittericonRT @ezraklein: Reconciliation has been used many times before. But GOP will set new record for filibusters this year. So which is "unprecedented?"

twittericonMark Erelli's new album, streaming for free:

Feb 28

newsThe Swell Season 2010-02-27 Sala Apolo, Barcelona. (16-bit) (FLAC)

newsCalifornia Christian challenges Mount Diablo - Subscriber Only - THE WEEK

A California man has launched a campaign to rename Mount Diablo, insisting that the current name honors the devil. Arthur Mijares said that “to me and millions of other followers of the Christian…

newsJealous prison inmates snitch on lovers, and more - Subscriber Only - THE WEEK

A German man was charged with breaking into jail every night for weeks to have sex with his girlfriend. Police say that Daniele Eberhardt, 33, scaled a…


From the Tumblelog February 21-27, 2010

Feb 27

newsVols knock off No. 2 UK, claim another big upset

J.P. Prince had 20 points and Scotty Hopson added 15 and Tennessee (No. 17 ESPN/USA Today, No. 19 AP) snapped No. 2 Kentucky’s eight-game winning streak with a 74-65 win.


In order to turn the entirety of the Bible into law - or even just the parts that you want to turn into law - by way of the “C.E.N.I” (command, example, necessary inference) hermeneutic, you have to…

newsThe Party of AARP: Why the G.O.P. is becoming the party of entitlements

newsThe Single-Payer Health Debate We Should Have Had

There’s been a bit of a debate going on in the blogosphere lately about whether the Democrats should have proposed a more limited health reform plan in the first place. Such a plan might have…

newsThe dangers of demanding consistency


My colleague George Will is not very impressed with the concern over Senate rules. “Such talk occurs only when the left’s agenda is stalled,” he writes. “Do you remember mournful…

newsYouTube - Obama and McCain - Dance Off!

Feb 26

newsThe "Nuclear Option" Spin

In 2005, Senate Republicans became exasperated that Democrats began using the filibuster against judicial nominees, which had happened in the past but with less frequency than Democrats were…

Feb 25

twittericonRT @ezraklein: If polls are so important to the Republicans, why aren’t they for the public option?

newsThe best health care for the most powerful people in the world

There’s a difference between the statements “America has the best health-care system in the world” and “With enough money, you can purchase the best health care in the world in America.”…

Feb 24

newsWhen Democrats become Republicans and Republicans become conservatives

To put a finer point on my earlier post about the compromises in the health-care bill, check out this Kaiser News Network table comparing the Senate bill, Boehner’s bill, and the bill that…

newsStargate Studios Virtual Backlot Reel 2009

Feb 23

newsOhio man bulldozes $350K home to avoid foreclosure - Yahoo! News

An Ohio man says he bulldozed his $350,000 home to keep a bank from foreclosing on it.

twittericonit’s nice to need sunglasses today.

Feb 22

newsReport: CIA Document Cheney Said Would Prove Torture Worked Was “Plainly Inaccurate”

I’m not sure why this from Michael Isikoff isn’t getting more attention:

A crucial CIA memo that has been cited by former Vice President Dick Cheney and other former Bush administration…

newsRepublican ideas

The New York Times asked five conservatives to offer their prescriptions for health-care reform. It’s not a bad list, so far as these things go. The partisan bombast is kept to an…

Feb 21

newsAn Open Letter to Liz Cheney on Torture

Dear Ms. Cheney,

I don’t know if you saw ‘Meet The Press’ this morning, but a general you may have heard of named David Petraeus — he’s the commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East and South…

newsReid: Democrats will use reconciliation to finish health-care reform

Big, encouraging news on health-care reform today: Harry Reid says that Senate Democrats will use the reconciliation process to finish the bill within the next 60 days.



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