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From the Tumbelog May 18-24, 2008

Fri May 23

Facebook Moves Closer to FriendFeed

Jonathan soothing ego with mongolian bbq after being out-bowled by 7 year old.

Thu May 22

News Analysis: Advice From White House Is Not Always Followed

Wed May 21


Jonathan Watching American Idol with the fam.

What Race Factor?

Tue May 20

Straight Talk on Gay Marriage - question 63

A Living-Room Crusade via Blogging

Mon May 19

Jonathan home from church softball. ran around bases 3 times tonight but with new shoes. hopefully won’t be as sore.

Bill for taxpayers swells by trillions


From the Tumblelog Feb 11-17, 2008

Sat Feb 16

Jonathan wants to know why “Josh Action” isn’t on YouTube.

Jonathan and Lisa are planning to go see Iron & Wine and Califone in April.

Star Wars: Video

The Clone Wars Sneak Peek


Fri Feb 15

Jonathan is at the Midland High basketball game with the boys.


Thu Feb 14

Harding Students Assist Tornado Clean-up

Cartoons - McCain - Balance

Jonathan is surprised that McCain didn’t vote to condemn waterboarding.


Mon Feb 11

Jonathan is now watching Huckabee.

Jonathan is watching Michelle Obama on Larry King.

The conventional wisdom says Clinton is doomed. Don't believe it.

AT&T Bringing Free Wi-Fi to Starbucks (Finally!) [Starbucks]

Why It Was Called 'Water Torture'

When do our shows come back?


From the Tumblelog

Sat Jan 12

Universal Health Care Has a Face…

Cassie is officially uninsured. And perhaps uninsurable.

Jonathan is sick of getting recorded phone calls from Romney.

After election, the thankless tasks begin

Thu Jan 10

Jonathan is glad Stewart and Colbert are back.

Wed Jan 9

McCain Wins New Hampshire Primary

Tue Jan 8

Jonathan enjoyed The Simpsons election episode.

Thoughts About BigThink

Mon Jan 7

Cartoons - Obama - Voters

Vacation Challenged

Sun Jan 6

(gracEmail) you know better

In Tallahassee and Oklahoma, bipartisanship on the hustings

Sat Jan 5

Obama's Fiscal Conservatism

Caucus Magic

Fri Jan 4

Connecting the Dots - TIME

The final, suppressed scene from The Wire.

Meyer approaches top of record list -

Simon Says: Talking with The Wire's Creator

The Lost “Star Wars” Opening Scenes

Why He Won

Fri Jan 4

Jonathan is having lunch with Finn.

Cartoons - Iowa Question

Cartoons - Record Industry

Thu Jan 3

Christians Being Persecuted On A "Biblical Scale" In Iraq

Jonathan is rooting for Obama.

Jonathan is googling his childhood friends.

Is Marrying For Money Different Than Marrying For Looks?

Think positive about negative campaigning

Wed Jan 2

worth reading

Tue Jan 1



Date: Dec 31, 2007
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Wed Jan 2

7th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride by Improv Everywhere

The Angriest Man In Television

Tue Jan 1

Jonathan is sledding at City Forest.

Jonathan is watching the Outback Bowl.

Mon Dec 31

Jonathan is addicted to The Wire.

Sat Dec 29

New security rules for batteries on planes

Christianity and Evolution

Fri Dec 28

Snowball Fight Dec 2008

Snowball Fight Dec 2008

Date: Dec 27, 2007
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Thu Dec 27

Jonathan is depressed about Bhutto.

Day After Christmas 2007

Day After Christmas 2007

Date: Dec 26, 2007
Number of Photos in Album: 18

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Wed Dec 26

There’s a Name for It

Jonathan is enthusiastically recommending that you go see Juno.

Tue Dec 25

Jonathan says “Merry Christmas!”

Christmas Day 2007

Christmas Day 2007

Date: Dec 25, 2007
Number of Photos in Album: 39

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St. Nick in the Big City

Mon Dec 24

Jonathan is trying again.

Jonathan is trying to figure out why his FB status updates aren’t appearing on tumblr.

Cartoons - FISA

Best Columns - “I resigned” as chief prosecutor at Guantanamo because the system is too politicized to offer...

Sun Dec 23

Yet another photo from Badawest

Yet another photo from Badawest

Another photo from Badawest

Another photo from Badawest

Today we had at Badawest Lebanese restaurant in Flint.  It was recommended by a friend from work.  It was good.  Lisa, especially, loved it.

Today we had at Badawest Lebanese restaurant in Flint.  It was recommended by a friend from work.  It was good.  Lisa, especially, loved it.

Elliot at the library on December 8…checking out Balto for movie night.

Elliot at the library on December 8…checking out Balto for movie night.

Sat Dec 22

The Little Fibs Of Mitt Romney

Fri Dec 21

The original recipe from the movie Ratatouille (from an insider)

Thu Dec 20

Daily Show and Colbert Report To Return In January — Without Writers

Your Exercise Equipment Is Lying To You

Local PBS in HD: DIRECTV to Carry Public Television Stations in HD

Cartoons - Church - Game



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